OPEN POINTS: Open Points are awarded to the first 5 Tri Club members to cross the finish line in a Championship event. (1st place earns 30 points; 2nd earns 20; 3rd gets 17 points; 4th, 15; and the 5th place Club finisher earns 13 points.)

AGE GROUP POINTS: Age group points are awarded to the top 5 of Tri Club members in each age group. (1st place earns 20 points; 2nd, 15; 3rd place gets 12 points; 4th, 10; and the 5th place Club finisher in each age group get 8 points.)

Note: It is possible to earn both Open Points and Age Group Points from a single event. Simply be one of the first 5 Tri Club members to cross the finish line and one of the top five finishers in your age group, and you’ll rack up some serious Championship points.

***TO GUARANTEE YOUR INCLUSION in the championship points contest, PLEASE submit: Your name, name of race, race finish time, and age group to claytonmoss@gmail.com within 1 week of completing your race. Thanks!***



2 thoughts on “Race

  1. Hey! I’m Bill Webb. I live up in Northeast Ga. in a little hole in the ground called Bowersville….sorta like Whigham, or Calvary-Reno..just below Cairo. I am a 4 year Triathlete, and have been doing Sprints, but will take on my first Olympic Tri this Summer. I have a strong interest in your area. I have friends who live in Cairo, and I spent alot of my younger years down there hunting, fishing, etc with my friends, So, when I saw there was a Tri club in that area, it really interest me, because..heee, been trying to have a reason(s) to get back down that way. So, just wanted to thank you for you site, and you seem to have a great site and Tri Club. I would love to come South, and do a “flat” triathlon. Too many hills up here, and water gets cold!

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