RCTC Athlete Spotlight: Donica Douglas Williams at IRONMAN 70.3 Florida

“You don’t play triathlon. You play soccer; it’s fun. You play baseball. Triathlon is work that you can leave you crumpled in a heap, puking on the roadside. It’s the physical brutality of climbing Mount Everest without the great view from the top of the world. What kind of person keeps coming back for more of that?” – Chris McCormack

One of the beautiful aspects of the sport of triathlon is learning about the WHY. WHY someone wants to take on that challenge, what it means to them, and what their race experience is like. Donica Douglas Williams took on her first IRONMAN 70.3 Florida in Haines City last weekend and was kind enough to share her race experience and a snapshot of her journey to IRONMAN.

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Hooray for our athletes who found the time, energy and heat tolerance to compete last weekend, including:

Grady Smith, Leisa Eastman and Max Eastman, who all ran the Capital City Kiwanis Firecracker 5K in Tallahassee. Props to Grady on a 1st place AG!

Newcomer Rosalie White raced the Freedom Springs Triathlon in Marianna, bringing home hardware for a 1st place AG, as well!

Colin Prinsloo competed in the hot and windy Chattanooga Waterfront Tri and posted a 2:25 finish time. Meanwhile, his speedy bride Brianna brought home an overall win at the Valdosta 5K.

Great job, everyone!

Memorial Weekend In Review

Hi all!

We hope you all had a fantastic weekend, filled with lots of R+R or Training Time (…maybe some of both!), Family-and-Friends time, and happy moments of gratitude for all that we enjoy.

Everyone, please welcome another new member, Maureen Harrer!

The ladies made it happen last weekend on the race courses…

Last weekend, Katina Stewart (winner of the FREE DRCSports race entry!), Joy Knop and New member Rosalie White zipped on down to Crystal River for Sprint #1 in the series, and all 3 represented in Winged Warrior gear. The ladies had a blast at this fun and well-organized event, and Rosalie brought home some 1st place AG hardware. Way to go, ladies!!!

Brianna Prinsloo logged a blazing fast Memorial Day 5K in Valdosta, posting a 22:36 (WOW! A 40 second PR!). She finished as 2nd overall female and 1st in her age group.

Robin Cartright ran the Bainbridge Memorial Day 5K and posted her own PR as well, scoring a first place in her in age group.

Who else raced? Let us know! And check out the private FB page for photos.

It’s not too early to start planning for the Cordele weekend festivities…And that means the Georgia Veterans Triathlon and post-race cookout/picnic. So please save the date for this event. We always have a huge turn-out and lots of fun. So stay tuned for details!

Georgia Veterans Sprint & Aqua Bike
Saturday, August 6, 2016
400-Yard Swim  |  13.6 Mile Bike  |  5K Run
Start Time: 8:00am

Thanks, all!




It’s clear our awards shelves are getting pretty heavy. So congrats! RCTC has had another fantastic few weeks, and we are so proud! Here’s the recap:

The weekend of April 23rd, Angie Bruhl claimed the overall female win at the Lake Minneola Sunset Triathlon. Congrats, Angie! Cole + Stephen Sullivan raced an event, too…What was it, guys?

The weekend of April 30th was action packed. Charlee + Callaway Conklin and Jay + Charlotte Harrison competed in the fun-filled Tallahassee Youth Triathlon series (#1), and it was Charlee’s first official Tri. Charlee placed 3rd in her AG. It was Charlotte’s 2nd Tri, but her first without training wheels, y’all! Girl’s moving up in the world, and she snagged a 3rd place AG award to boot! Jay and Callaway were both ‘aged up’ to a (50 yards) longer swim than they’d done previously, so it was a successful raceday all around.

Donica Williams ran the Nashville Rock + Roll Half Marathon with a whopping 30,000 runners. She had a blast running for St. Jude’s.

Al Whatley and Beverly + Chad Johnson competed at Be Dave Brave. Chad brought home an overall win in the 10K and Bev and Al both scored 1st place AG awards in the 5K. Way to go, guys!

At the Tyler Carter Duathlon, Leisa Eastman, Melissa Thompson, Colin + Brianna Prinsloo and Grady Smith showed up and showed out! Grady with the overall win, Melissa as first female overall, and then matching 2nd place overall awards (1st place AG) for Team Prinsloo, while Leisa snagged a 2nd place AG award as well. Amazing!

The weekend of Mother’s Day brought lots of fun Winged Warrior news, as well. Angie Bruhl finally stopped running long enough to get caught…and got engaged! The Mosses opened their Farmer’s Daughter Tasting Room in downtown Thomasville!  Leisa Eastman scored a 1st place AG award at the Calloway Gardens Duathlon! Grady Smith took home the overall win at the Marzuq Shriners 5K! Morgan Garcia‘s Gulf Coast Triathlon relay team took home a first place win!

WHY AM I SHOUTING!? I can’t help it! This is EXCITING stuff!!!

The days are getting hotter and longer, but Team RCTC doesn’t appear to be slowing down any. Last weekend brought along another armload of hardware…

Melissa Thompson clinched the overall win at the Gnat Days 5K, while old man Johnson (we mean Chad) grabbed the Masters win. His bride, Beverly, scored a first place AG award, while Paul Pickles and Donica Williams brought home 3rd place AG awards. Way to go, everyone!

Since Paul Pickles can’t sit still, he also won a 2nd place AG award at the Jackie Robinson 5K, same weekend. Billy Webb also never sat still.

Not to be outdone by their SuperStar kids, JT + Lacey Harrison threw down the gauntlet and zipped over to Jekyll Island, where the pair completed in the Turtle Crawl Olympic Triathlon (Lacey’s first at that distance!) and brought home some new perfectly matched bookends—1st place Athena and Clydesdale awards. Nice work, you two!

We had a great meeting with City of Thomasville engineer Jerry Pionessa on Monday night to discuss plans for future BIKE LANES. Hooray! Stephen Sullivan and Lance Parker won FREE Race Entries to DRCSports Jax and Crystal River #3. Thanks to everyone for coming out, and to Clayton for organizing.

And last but not least, a suddenly-mostly-grown-up Conley Wilhelm signed with Piedmont College to run Cross-Country! Where did the last 4 years go? We’re proud of you, Conley!!!

Thanks to everyone for sharing results and photos on the Private FB page. And thanks to Leisa Eastman and Grady Smith for coordinating and putting a tool in place. We appreciate you!!!

Now, check the pix!






Props, Racers!

Good morning and Happy Monday!
Huge thanks to Leisa Eastman for stepping up yet again as a leader and helping our fantastic club…by gathering race results for the last couple of weekends and sharing them with me for this write up. If you receive a FB friend invite from Leisa or notice you’ve been added to a private group for RCTC on Facebook, that’s all part of her plan to make this a smoother process for all. So, THANKS, LEISA!

ALSO, please bookmark this form and submit it by the Monday following any race weekend, so we can keep track of (and share!) your results.

Here’s what we have, and its a ton, so enjoy. And please post if you were overlooked so we can add you. Great job, everybody!!!

Congrats to TEAM Prinsloo for their performances at the Du Woody Tri. Colin and Brianna had a great race, and Brianna captured First Overall Female. WOW!

Congrats to Paul Pickles for completing the Star Wars 1/2 Marathon and to Renee Moss for completing the Kill Cliff Destin Half Marathon.

Holla! Chris Stoh competed at the Southeast Region Sprint Duathlon championship and brought home a 2nd place AG award.

Team Bennett (x4) showed out at the Sopchoppy Race, and everyone brought home an age group award. What a fun family memory for Susan, John, Mallory and Andrew!

Congrats to Paul Pickles, Lance Parker and Marty Hufstetler on their finishes at the Ironman Florida 70.3 Haines City. Jim Simpson wasn’t able to finish due to an asthma attack during the swim, but he has recovered and is ready to race again in June with DRCSports!

Chad (4th AG) and Beverly Johnson (5th place AG) snagged more hardware for their already-crumbling-under-the-weight-of-so-many-trophies mantle at the Palace Saloon 5K.

The water was chilly(!), but Al + Jo Curry, Leisa + Wade Eastman, Tiffany Nunnally and Grady Smith made appearances at the Red Hills Sprint Tri. Jo and Grady secured 1st Place AG awards, Wade a 3rd AG (despite a flat!), and Tiffany a 4th AG. Way to go, guys!

Morgan Garcia, Leisa Eastman and Grady Smith zipped on over to the Big Easy to respresent RCTC at Ironman 70.4 NOLA, and all made us proud with their big smiles and great performances. Grady slayed the course with a blazing fast time, securing a qualifying spot for the 70.3 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Australia. (YES, you’re reading that right.) We have goose bumps just thinking about it. Perhaps we need to tag along and cheer him on down under!!!

Tiffany Nunnally sneaked over to the Toughman Challenge 70.3 for a peaceful, easy-going half Iron-distance event with her trusty sherpa, and took many smiling photos of a great time (despite 62 degree water).

RCTC made a killer appearance at Beach Blast in Mexico Beach again, and the awards list is so stacked up, we have to leave it in list form for you!…
Kristi Wilhelm: Sprint Female Master Overall Winner
Brad Hinson: Sprint Clydesdale Masters Winner
Chris Stroh: Duathlon Overall Winner
Bill Wilhelm: Sprint, 2nd AG
Joy Knop: Olympic, 2nd AG (+ completion of her first race at this distance!)
Susan Bennett: Olympic, 2nd AG
Marty Hufstetler: Olympic, 3rd AG
John Bennett
Chris White, 3rd AG

{Y’all, rub your eyes and take a breath, because there’s more…}

Yesterday, and St. Anthony’s (Olympic) Triathlon in St. Petersburg, FL, RCTC was respresented by Melissa Thompson (top-10 finish, racing ladies elite!), Colin Prinsloo (2nd place AG) and Super-Brianna Prinsloo.

Wade Eastman (all grins) snagged a win at the Albany Road Race like the baddie that he is. Nice job, buddy!

We had a terrific showing at the Rose City Run 10K, including notable performances by the following teammates:
Conley Wilhelm
Chad Johnson (PR)
Lance Parker, 4th AG (PR)
Stephen Sullivan
Duane Joiner
Beverly Johnson, 2nd AG
Paul Pickles
Alison Parker
Deann Garcia
Robin Cartwright (PR)
Todd Handscom
Katina + Christian Stewart
Anyone else?

And big shout out to COLE SULLIVAN for winning the Rose City 1-mile with a 6:06!

Check out the gallery here!

April NEWS!

Hi Team!

I apologize that I haven’t done any website updates in a few weeks. We welcomed new member and runner DONICA WILLIAMS. And we’ve had many folks run some spectacular races…

Robin Cartright
ran the Publix Savannah Half Marathon.

Kristopher Wilhelm represented RCTC at the Heritage Run and brought home a trophy bigger than his head!

Joy Knop + Katina Stewart (relay) and John and Susan Bennett ran the Bainbridge Half Marathon.

Leisa Eastman ran the Chattahoochee Challenge Off-Road Duathlon (1st Place AG!).

Chad Johnson, Beverly Hamilton, Chris White and John Wheeler slayed the Albany Marathon. Tiffany Nunnally, Brianna and Colin Prinsloo (1st place AG!), and Morgan Garcia ran the Half.

If you ran Springtime Tallahassee, please message me so I can add you!

Lance Parker, Paul Pickles, Marty Hufstetler and Jim Simpson are resting up for Ironman 70.3 Florida / Haines City Sunday. Wish ’em luck!

The new Georgia Multisports sprint in Adel ( A Southern Tri) is coming up May 15. Please save the date for this great local event and the post-race festivities, currently being planned by Alison Parker and Brianna Prinsloo.

Thanks in advance to Susan Bennett and Alison Parker for stepping up to plan the Cordele/GA Vets post-race BBQ in August.

We just received some race discount codes thanks to Georgia Multisports and DRCSports, so check your inbox (or spam) for an updated list I sent last week.

YMCA Kids Triathlon Camp is set for July 18-21 at Butler-Mason YMCA.

JT Harrison just handled a terrific RCTC Swim Clinic for us, so we’ve rewarded him with a FREE RACE Entry to DRCSports Jax #2 (his choice). Thanks, JT! If you missed the clinic, you missed a lot of fun and some great prizes, courtesy of DASH!

Since Chad + Beverly Johnson put on a great RCTC Run Clinic, we rewarded them with a FREE RACE Entry to DRCSports Crystal River #2 (Bev is racing it!).

And we just did a drawing for the DRCSports Crystal River Sprint #1 FREE RACE Entry, which goes to KATINA STEWART! Thanks to my assistant for choosing a name!


We have THREE more FREE RACE entries to give away. If you want them, please message us with the details of which one you want and why. We have Jax #1 + #3 and Crystal River #3 available. A great way to secure a free race is to volunteer! (hint, hint.)

It’s time for me (Renee) to take a step back where RCTC is concerned. I’ll remain active as funds-juggler, designer/apparel handler, webmaster and administrative hole-filler but clinic, meeting, ride/run and event planning will now be left in the hands of our very capable VOLUNTEERS. We are incredibly grateful for everyone’s help! If you want to get involved, please let us know. We will find a role for you. 🙂

  • Chris Stroh is in charge of CYCLING clinics.
  • Chad + Beverly Johnson are in charge of RUN clinics.
  • JT Harrison + Angie Bruhl are in charge of SWIM clinics.
  • Alison Parker handles SOCIAL EVENT Planning. She will be supported by Brianna + Susan and anyone else who’d like to help.
  • Lance Parker handles AD SALES + SPONSORSHIPS.
  • Joy Knop handles gear distribution, new member set-up and helps with calendar updates.

PLEASE HELP! We are in need of someone to gather monthly race results and plans and write (or help write) these recaps, as well. I fear that doing this mostly myself is unfair to this incredible team, as I am likely overlooking some achievements along the way. Please let us know if you can help!

We would also like to get back to scheduling regular BIKE RIDES + RUNS, which can easily be posted to Facebook and to the website calendar. Please volunteer! Your club needs you.

If you joined RCTC and didn’t receive your tech tee (while supplies last), auto decals or member ID, please check in with DASH/JOY KNOP after next Wednesday.

If I’ve overlooked anything, please let me know. Thanks, all! Enjoy this gorgeous weather!!!


Thank you + Updates

Thanks to all of our Winged Warriors who came out last night to Paulie’s Pizza for our annual end-of-season SHINDIG. We loved seeing everyone!

If you weren’t able to join us, you were definitely missed. We are grateful to have received so many prize contributions from Higher Ground Bikes, Malory Parker Construction, Capital City Runners and from the RCTC coffers (2015 sponsors), I’m fairly certain that every single member who came out last night took home a prize. And Paul Pickles won the FREE Ironman 140.6 entry, so big congrats to him!

Huge congrats to these award winners, who were recognized with a certificate and DASH Dollars to spend at DASH in Thomasville. (Thanks, Joy!)

MVP – Female: Angie Bruhl
MVP – Male: Colin Prinsloo
Stand-out Family: Team Eastman
The One to Watch / Most Improved: Duane Joiner
Spirit Award: Chad + Beverly Johnson
Volunteer Contributions: Lance + Alison Parker
Inspiration Award: Jim Simpson

And thanks to all the awesome Winged Kids who helped draw names for the raffle!

If you haven’t yet submitted your 2XU gear order form and payment, please do so by December 11. You can drop them at Dash in the RCTC mailbox or mail/drop them at 109 Imperial. There will be time to specify tech tee sizes and order hats/visors in January.

NEWS: I overlooked Paul Pickles in my last recap, and I apologize for that. Paul recently ran a Half Marathon in Las Vegas!

Also, we gained two new members last night: Brianna Prinsloo + Daniel Arlotto. Welcome!!!

Coming up in 2016… In an effort to give our members a more well-rounded experience in 2016, we’ve asked several very accomplished members to take on larger leadership roles within the club. And we’re so grateful they accepted!!!

Beginning in January, Chad + Beverly Johnson will take charge of running-related trainings and clinics.

Chris Stroh will take charge of cycling-related clinics.

Angie Bruhl + JT Harrison will take charge of swim clinics.

We are incredibly excited to have their insight, ideas and support! It’s going to be a terrific 2016! If you have requests or ideas to share, please message us!

Now check out the gallery!

Well that was a blur.

I just realized my last race recap was October 15, and that’s a sign of the season. So busy! Here’s what’s been going on in the last six weeks… If I missed your event, please post! We try to keep up with everyone, but with 94 active members, its a big job!

A HUGE CONGRATS to Angie Bruhl on her 3rd place finish at IRONMAN COZUMEL! So exciting!!!

Shout out to all the turkeys who trotted about on Thanksgiving Day—either in a race/run or just out for fun—including newlyweds Chad and Beverly Johnson, Deann Garcia + Robin Cartright (in orange tutus!), Jen Bendewish and her Minions, Leisa Eastman, Jo Curry, Tom Cornish, Team Prinsloo, Team Bennett, Katina Stewart, JT Harrison, Joy Knop and we Mosses, who ran in babycare shifts. I’m sure there were wayyyy more of you because there were turkeys ALL OVER the place on the holiday…

Todd Hanscom, Melissa Thompson, and Leisa, Max and Wade Eastman participated in the Brewtally Mountain Bike Duathlon on November 21. Melissa + Todd scored some hardware for finishing as second overall team! Billy Webb did some mountain biking in the North Georgia mountains…

Tom Cornish ran a Half Marathon at the Publix Race13.1 on November 15.

On November 7, we all got a little crazed watching Angie Bruhl compete at Ironman Florida, placing an impressive 4th.

Tiffany Nunnally and Stacey Herrin logged another Century in the books at Spaghetti 100.

On Halloween, John + Jodie Wheeler, Tiffany Nunnally, Team Simpson and JT Harrison slayed the hills of the Boston Mini.

IRONKID and RCTC’er LOLA PARKER raced in her first swim meet on October 24—and scored some new bling!

Leisa Eastman and Jo Curry tore it up at the Hincapie Gran Fondo on October 24, BettyStyle.

On October 18, Joy Knop RAN for the BAY in Appalachicola, while Alison Cohenour completed her first Marathon. And on October 17, Billy Webb conquered the Beach to Battleship Half!

Way to go, everyone!!!! Check the Gallery for your pix!

Congrats, Finishers!

Our athletes have been very busy.

CONGRATULATIONS to the following Winged Warriors who completed Ironman Augusta 70.3 on September 27:

(1st Time Finisher)

(1st Time Finisher)

(1st Time Finisher)

(1st Time Finisher)

(4-Time Finisher)

(4-Time Finisher)

(6-Time Finisher)

And CONGRATULATIONS to the following Winged Warriors who completed Ironman Louisville 140.6 on October 11:

(1st Time Finisher)

(2nd Time Finisher)

(8-Time Finisher)

Shout out to SAM Parker, LOLA Parker and CHARLEE Moss for completing the IRONKIDS race in Kentucky!

Congrats to our coaching partner, TriAttic‘s SANDY Johnson on the completion of her Ironman World Championships event in Kona on October 10. What an amazing milestone! It was Sandy’s 13th Ironman 140.6 finish.

Shout out to TIFFANY Nunnally for her 1st place AG win at the Brookwood Warrior Dash, also on Saturday.

Shout out to JOY Knop and SUSAN Bennett, who competed in the Santa Rosa Island Triathlon!

Congrats to our athletes who competed at Tri The Rez! Tiffany, Stacey and Bill all brought home AG awards!

We’re collecting SPONSORSHIPS for 2016 already, and we’re ecstatic to welcome back so many of our previous sponsors. Stay tuned for an announcement of who’s returning, who’s new and who plans to be our anchor!

If you’re sponsoring RCTC we thank you for your support, which enables us to give away so many FREE races and to treat our teammates to fun giveaways, events and clinics throughout the year. THANK YOU! Sponsorship monies for 2016 can be mailed to The Mosses or delivered to Joy Knop at DASH in Downtown Thomasville.

Athletes, if you have an event coming up, please let us know! We want to cheer you, before during and after your event!!! If I missed you or reported in error, let me know, and I will revise. Now check out the gallery!!!





September News

We have a big race weekend coming up, so please join us in wishing the following athletes a fantastic Ironman Augusta 70.3:

Congrats to the following RCTC’ers who participated at the TCT Swim in Lake Park:
JT Harrison (3.5 mile swim, 3rd overall)
Katina Stewart (1 mile)
Christian Stewart (1 mile)
Lori Richardson (1 mile)
Stacey Herrin (1 mile)
Melissa Thompson (1 mile)
Angie Bruhl (1 mile, with toddler on her back!)
Colin Prinsloo (1 mile)
Alison Cohenour (1 mile)

Shout out to our racers who competed at Beach Blast, including:
Melissa Thompson (2nd place AG, Olympic)
Morgan Garcia (3rd place AG)
Deann Garcia
Marty Hufstetler
Joy Knop (3rd place AG)

Congrats to Billy Webb, who scored a 3rd place AG award at the Hot Dam Olympic Tri.

Big props to some little athletes who raced at the last Tally YTS race:
Charlotte Harrison (3rd place AG, 1st triathlon — just 5 years old!)
Jay Harrison
Callaway Conklin
Blease Conklin

Huge thanks to these guys for representing at the September 11th Climb to Remember:
Lance Parker
Tiffany Nunnally
John Wheeler
Melissa Thompson

Congrats to these athletes for their performances at the Stars + Stripes 6K:
Beverly Hamilton (1st place overall female)
Chad Johnson (2nd place AG, 4th overall)
Tiffany Nunnally  (1st place AG)
John Wheeler (3rd place AG)

And again the following weekend, Bev scored another 1st place overall female award and Chad a 1st place AG at the Quail Trail 5K.

Local Races, Upcoming…
OCTOBER 10 – Brookwood’s 2nd Annual Warrior Run 5K and Fun Run
OCTOBER 17 – Joey Maxwell Memorial 5K Run/Walk

We’re also looking ahead to Ironman Louisville—just weeks away—where Lance Parker will tackle his first Ironman 140.6, and Clayton and Morgan will also compete.

Shout out to Chad + Bev on their recent engagement and to Lori Richardson on her future baby triathlete!

If I overlooked your race, please post below or message me. Check out the gallery!