Hi team!

As my home/work life continues to grow, it’s time for RCTC to evolve once again. I love our group immensely and am so grateful for your energy, faith and enthusiasm over the past 4 years. I hope to see RCTC continue to grow and thrive, so I’m nominating Joy Knop to take over primary leadership duties as President, supported administratively by her DASH staff. I’m also nominating Lacey Harrison to take over as Treasurer. Both ladies have graciously accepted, and Joy has nominated Katina Stewart to take over as Secretary, giving race updates and helping with posts to the website, etc.

If you have questions or concerns (or would like to volunteer to take on a leadership role), please let us know. These changes take effect August 3. I’ll continue to contribute graphic design/marketing and advisory services as long as you all want me to. Here’s what our leadership team looks like going forward:

President – Joy Knop
Administrative Support – Alison Cohenour
Treasurer – Lacey Harrison
Ad Sales – Lance Parker
Secretary – Katina Stewart
Race Results Coordinator – Leisa Eastman
Social Chair – Alison Parker
Event Support – Susan Bennett + Brianna Prinsloo
Gear Design/Marketing – Renee Moss
Swim Clinics – JT Harrison + Angie Badley
Bike Clinics – Chris Stroh
Run Clinics – Chad + Bev Johnson

It’s a pretty fantastic group of people and athletes, don’t you think?

You’ll notice we don’t really have a VP. Maybe instead of having a VP, we just have Clayton and I simply hanging on as advisors. Or maybe not; maybe someone else wants to jump in  and be a VP. You tell us! This is your club, and all Team Moss did was get it rolling for the love of swim, bike, run and all of you.

This isn’t going to impact your lives in a big way. It impacts mine more than anything! Honestly, from the member stand-point, the only changes are that the club is now fully established (90+ members strong!), and we’re placing it in your hands. Ta-dah!

Please share your input. Email us, post to us, text…Whatever works for you!

And THANK YOU to all of the terrific people that are leading RCTC into the future!





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