Happy Summer!

Hooray! Summer is here, and the creases of my knees are already sweating profusely while I stand still. Anyone else?

Congratulations to recent Ironman Raleigh 70.3 Finishers:
Conley Wilhelm (winner of the RCTC FREE 70.3 giveaway!)
(Coach) Jo Curry (19th AG; her 9th 70.3 completion!)
Leisa Eastman
Lance Parker

Kristi Wilhelm, Alison Parker, and Max Eastman get a round of high-fives for being standout super-sherpas…and thanks to Alison for officially volunteering at swim start, representing RCTC. Thanks, support crew!

Big props to Charlotte + Jay Harrison on their completion of Splash & Dash (Youth Triathlon Series, Race #2 – Tallahassee), for which they both scored some super cool medals for their growing collection. (They are clearly competing with mom + dad.)

We had a great group participate in Encounter 316, racking up tons of hardware and looking as though they had a blast! Congrats to:
Beverly Johnson – 1st place Overall Female (5-mile),
Chad Johnson – 1st place Master; 2nd place Overall (5-mile),
Lance Parker – 3rd place Overall; 1st place AG (5-mile),
Robin Cartright – 1st place AG finish (5-mile),
Susan Bennett – 1st place AG finish (5-mile),
Lori Richardson – 1st place AG finish (5-mile) (SIX WEEKS POST-BABY!),
Tina Carson – 1st place AG (5K),
Alison Parker – 1st place AG (5K),
Joy Knop – 2nd place AG (5K),
Sam + Lola Parker – 1 mile run!

Brianna + Colin Prinsloo raced the Tybee Island Sprint, but Colin flatted, leaving Brianna with all the family glory for the day, as she brought home a 2nd place AG award. Brianna was joined on the podium by Billy Webb, who also snagged an AG award.

Meanwhile, Donica Williams placed 2nd in her AG at the Loop the Lake 10K.

Lance Parker (5th Overall / 4th male, PR), Chris Stroh (3rd place Overall), Paul Pickles and Melissa Thompson all participated in the Ride for Hope. Chris was blazing fast; Clayton and I were driving through Monticello and saw him leading a breakaway with police escort! Jeff Drawdy was there, too, looking sharp in RCTC flair, and we so enjoyed seeing the pictures of everyone. Way to go, team!

Lastly, Clayton + Renee Moss skirted off to the Flowers Sea Swim 5K (Grand Cayman), which they managed to complete with a bum shoulder and bronchitis (fools!). The gimps were happy (+ twitchy) at the finish, even though they are both horrible at spotting buoys in chop and somehow swam more than 3.8 and 3.7 miles, respectively, instead of the required 3.1. It was a great workout—completed within the required timeframe—with stingrays and blazing fast competition! If you need a good laugh, ask to see Renee’s Garmin map.

We hope everyone is having a fun summer. Alison Parker (+Co) is working on plans for a post-Georgia Veterans Sprint Triathlon get-together, so stay tuned. And please pencil that in on your calendars for August 6th.

If we missed anyone’s race results, please holla! Thanks to Leisa for chasing down this info for us! Check out the photos on the RCTC private FB page.

Be safe out there, friends.






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