Props, Racers!

Good morning and Happy Monday!
Huge thanks to Leisa Eastman for stepping up yet again as a leader and helping our fantastic club…by gathering race results for the last couple of weekends and sharing them with me for this write up. If you receive a FB friend invite from Leisa or notice you’ve been added to a private group for RCTC on Facebook, that’s all part of her plan to make this a smoother process for all. So, THANKS, LEISA!

ALSO, please bookmark this form and submit it by the Monday following any race weekend, so we can keep track of (and share!) your results.

Here’s what we have, and its a ton, so enjoy. And please post if you were overlooked so we can add you. Great job, everybody!!!

Congrats to TEAM Prinsloo for their performances at the Du Woody Tri. Colin and Brianna had a great race, and Brianna captured First Overall Female. WOW!

Congrats to Paul Pickles for completing the Star Wars 1/2 Marathon and to Renee Moss for completing the Kill Cliff Destin Half Marathon.

Holla! Chris Stoh competed at the Southeast Region Sprint Duathlon championship and brought home a 2nd place AG award.

Team Bennett (x4) showed out at the Sopchoppy Race, and everyone brought home an age group award. What a fun family memory for Susan, John, Mallory and Andrew!

Congrats to Paul Pickles, Lance Parker and Marty Hufstetler on their finishes at the Ironman Florida 70.3 Haines City. Jim Simpson wasn’t able to finish due to an asthma attack during the swim, but he has recovered and is ready to race again in June with DRCSports!

Chad (4th AG) and Beverly Johnson (5th place AG) snagged more hardware for their already-crumbling-under-the-weight-of-so-many-trophies mantle at the Palace Saloon 5K.

The water was chilly(!), but Al + Jo Curry, Leisa + Wade Eastman, Tiffany Nunnally and Grady Smith made appearances at the Red Hills Sprint Tri. Jo and Grady secured 1st Place AG awards, Wade a 3rd AG (despite a flat!), and Tiffany a 4th AG. Way to go, guys!

Morgan Garcia, Leisa Eastman and Grady Smith zipped on over to the Big Easy to respresent RCTC at Ironman 70.4 NOLA, and all made us proud with their big smiles and great performances. Grady slayed the course with a blazing fast time, securing a qualifying spot for the 70.3 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Australia. (YES, you’re reading that right.) We have goose bumps just thinking about it. Perhaps we need to tag along and cheer him on down under!!!

Tiffany Nunnally sneaked over to the Toughman Challenge 70.3 for a peaceful, easy-going half Iron-distance event with her trusty sherpa, and took many smiling photos of a great time (despite 62 degree water).

RCTC made a killer appearance at Beach Blast in Mexico Beach again, and the awards list is so stacked up, we have to leave it in list form for you!…
Kristi Wilhelm: Sprint Female Master Overall Winner
Brad Hinson: Sprint Clydesdale Masters Winner
Chris Stroh: Duathlon Overall Winner
Bill Wilhelm: Sprint, 2nd AG
Joy Knop: Olympic, 2nd AG (+ completion of her first race at this distance!)
Susan Bennett: Olympic, 2nd AG
Marty Hufstetler: Olympic, 3rd AG
John Bennett
Chris White, 3rd AG

{Y’all, rub your eyes and take a breath, because there’s more…}

Yesterday, and St. Anthony’s (Olympic) Triathlon in St. Petersburg, FL, RCTC was respresented by Melissa Thompson (top-10 finish, racing ladies elite!), Colin Prinsloo (2nd place AG) and Super-Brianna Prinsloo.

Wade Eastman (all grins) snagged a win at the Albany Road Race like the baddie that he is. Nice job, buddy!

We had a terrific showing at the Rose City Run 10K, including notable performances by the following teammates:
Conley Wilhelm
Chad Johnson (PR)
Lance Parker, 4th AG (PR)
Stephen Sullivan
Duane Joiner
Beverly Johnson, 2nd AG
Paul Pickles
Alison Parker
Deann Garcia
Robin Cartwright (PR)
Todd Handscom
Katina + Christian Stewart
Anyone else?

And big shout out to COLE SULLIVAN for winning the Rose City 1-mile with a 6:06!

Check out the gallery here!


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