Tis the Season…

…for Red Noses. So congrats to all our RCTC’ers that participated in the Red Nose Run last weekend.

Melissa Thompson – 1st overall female, 6th overall
Grady Smith – 2nd place overall / 1st place AG
Chad Johnson – 5th overall, 1st AG
Al Whatley – 7th overall
Chris Stroh – 9th overall
Stephen Cheney – 15th overall / 2nd place AG
Beverly Johnson – 2nd place AG / 16th overall
John Wheeler – 19th overall
Paul Pickles – 27th overall
Jessica Cheney – 10th place female

Congrats also to Susan, John, Mallory and Andrew Bennett, Joy Knop, Lacey Harrison and Leisa Eastman on a great run! In true RCTC spirit, Leisa met a friendly out-of-towner and paced him in to a PR while wearing antlers.

Also, in true RCTC spirit, Chad wants me to be sure and tell you that he beat Melissa. And Melissa wants me to tell you that she snagged an overall title and Chad didn’t. I’m just reporting the news here. I didn’t make this up.

If I missed you on my list or overlooked an age group award, please let me know. And feel free to post here.

Congrats, everyone!

Also, please welcome new members Kim Anderson and his wife Debbie to RCTC!!!

If you still need to submit your 2XU gear orders, please do so by Wednesday of this week. Thanks, all!


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