September News

We have a big race weekend coming up, so please join us in wishing the following athletes a fantastic Ironman Augusta 70.3:

Congrats to the following RCTC’ers who participated at the TCT Swim in Lake Park:
JT Harrison (3.5 mile swim, 3rd overall)
Katina Stewart (1 mile)
Christian Stewart (1 mile)
Lori Richardson (1 mile)
Stacey Herrin (1 mile)
Melissa Thompson (1 mile)
Angie Bruhl (1 mile, with toddler on her back!)
Colin Prinsloo (1 mile)
Alison Cohenour (1 mile)

Shout out to our racers who competed at Beach Blast, including:
Melissa Thompson (2nd place AG, Olympic)
Morgan Garcia (3rd place AG)
Deann Garcia
Marty Hufstetler
Joy Knop (3rd place AG)

Congrats to Billy Webb, who scored a 3rd place AG award at the Hot Dam Olympic Tri.

Big props to some little athletes who raced at the last Tally YTS race:
Charlotte Harrison (3rd place AG, 1st triathlon — just 5 years old!)
Jay Harrison
Callaway Conklin
Blease Conklin

Huge thanks to these guys for representing at the September 11th Climb to Remember:
Lance Parker
Tiffany Nunnally
John Wheeler
Melissa Thompson

Congrats to these athletes for their performances at the Stars + Stripes 6K:
Beverly Hamilton (1st place overall female)
Chad Johnson (2nd place AG, 4th overall)
Tiffany Nunnally  (1st place AG)
John Wheeler (3rd place AG)

And again the following weekend, Bev scored another 1st place overall female award and Chad a 1st place AG at the Quail Trail 5K.

Local Races, Upcoming…
OCTOBER 10 – Brookwood’s 2nd Annual Warrior Run 5K and Fun Run
OCTOBER 17 – Joey Maxwell Memorial 5K Run/Walk

We’re also looking ahead to Ironman Louisville—just weeks away—where Lance Parker will tackle his first Ironman 140.6, and Clayton and Morgan will also compete.

Shout out to Chad + Bev on their recent engagement and to Lori Richardson on her future baby triathlete!

If I overlooked your race, please post below or message me. Check out the gallery!


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