August Holla!

Greetings, RCTC!

Quick recap of our busy August goings-on thus far…

Shout out to the following award winners from the Georgia Veterans Sprint in Cordele:

Angie Bruhl – 2nd Place Overall Female
Melissa Thompson – 1st Place AG
Jennifer Bendewish – 3rd Place AG
Lacey Harrison – 2nd Place Athena
Wade Eastman – 1st Place AG
Ben Wihelm – 3rd Place AG
Conley Wilhelm – 2nd Place AG
Max Eastman – 3rd Place AG
Colin Prinsloo – 1st Place AG
Clayton Moss – 3rd Place AG
Morgan Garcia – 1st Place AG
Marty Hufstetler – 2nd Place AG
Jim Simpson – 1st Place AG
JT Harrison – 2nd Place Clydesdale

Congrats also to the rest of our crew on tons of terrific performances in Cordele! Check out the complete results here.

And thanks again to JoAnne and Rick Moss for lending us their lake house for Post-Race Stuff-Yer-Face. If you missed it, you truly missed out. Please put this race on your calendar for next season and join us!

Shout out to Lance Parker on a 3rd Place SERIES awards at DRCSports Jax Sprint/Olympic Triathlon Series.
Congrats also to Alison Conklin on a great raceday in Jax!

Good luck to all of RCTC’s winged kiddos racing tomorrow at the Thomasville YMCA’s KIDS TRI, including:

Jay Harrison
Lola Parker
Blease Conklin
Callaway Conklin
Mallory Bennett
Andrew Bennett
Jesse Stewart
Christian Stewart
Ben Wilhelm
Kristopher Wilhelm

…and to future RCTC’ers:
Sara Cameron, Sydney + Cole Sullivan!

Who else is joining these awesome kids?
Thank you to the YMCA and to all of our member-volunteers!!!

Max + Wade Eastman are racing tomorrow in Tallahassee at Maclay, so wish them luck, too!

Lastly, Lori Richardson is racing the Chattahoochee Challenge Olympic tomorrow in Columbus. So holla for Lori!

If I missed your event or forgot your mention, please let me know!

Don’t forget that DASH is the new home of RCTC, so drop us a line or stuff some money (or stickers or food) into our mailbox when you pop in for new shoes, okay?! And buy some Endurox R4 recovery powder; you need it!

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe and hydrated, everyone!

Here’s the big, fat gallery, in no particular order…


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