July News + GA Vets Tri

Greetings, Winged Warriors!

Please welcome our newest member, Tracy Davis!!!

A huge congrats to all of our members who’ve been out there training and racing in this crazy-intense heat this past month. I can’t keep up, but here are a few I can recall…

RCTC had an impressive showing at Encounter 5K, including performances by Conley Wilhelm, Duane Joiner, Jeff Drawdy, John Wheeler, Lance Parker, Chad Johnson, John Bennett, Joy Knop, Beverly Hamilton, Al Whatley, plus (1-mile fun runners) Blease, Callaway + Charlee Conklin and whoever else I missed. What an outstanding showing!!!


We also had a sizable team showing at Freedom Springs Triathlon, including:
Jen Bendewish, Lori Richardson, Tiffany Nunnally, Paul Pickles, Melissa Thompson, Marty Hufstetler, Katina, Christian and Jesse Stewart. Anyone else?

A handful of RCTC’ers raced the DRCSports Jax #2, including Duane Joiner, John Wheeler, Angie Bruhl and Lance Parker. Congrats, all!

Congrats to Jesse Stewart, Kenna Ponder, and Blease, Callaway and Charlee Conklin on their raceday performances at the Tally Youth Tri Series Splash & Dash! It was Charlee’s first multisport race, and we’re proud of her for conquering her fear and making it a great day!

Leisa and Ed Eastman conquered IRONMAN CANADA! Anyone who competes where there’s been snow the prior day is absolutely amazing!!!


Meanwhile, Beverly Hamilton and Chad Johnson continued collecting running hardware from the Gulfwinds trail series, Susan Bennett dodged sharks at Shell Point, and Lori Richardson encountered dolphins in PCB… Coach Jill Tacbacchi made Kids Tri Camp a success and was joined by mini-members Mallory Bennett, Lola Parker and Jay Harrison. Everyone has been very busy! If I forgot your event, please message me or post below.

Upcoming Event: August 8
Cordele / Georgia Veterans Triathlon
Please post if you’re racing. If my notes are correct, I think we have about 28 members racing… I have the following on my list, but please let me know of any corrections. And please plan to take a group shot post-race!
Jeff Drawdy
JT + Lacey Harrison
Team Wilhelm
Team Eastman
Team Garcia
Team Stewart
Team Moss + Rick
Melissa Thompson
Angie Bruhl
Team Bennett
Billy Webb
Marty Hufstetler
Joy Knop
Jen Bendewish
Parrish David
Paul Pickles
Stephen Sullivan
Jason Jacobs

Big thanks to Georgia Multisports for giving our club a terrific entry fee discount again this season!

Upcoming Event: August 8
Cordele: Post-Race Stuff-yer-face.
11:30 am. All members + immediate family welcome.
If you forgot to RSVP, please bring $10 per family with you, and please give me a heads up that you’ll be attending (immediately!).

Looking forward to seeing all of you there. Don’t forget…if you want an adult beverage, please bring that. And big thanks to Joy, Melody, Susan and JoAnne for helping to plan and organize this event!

Upcoming Event: August 8
Jacksonville / DRCSports Jax Sprint/Olympic #3
Good luck to Alison Conklin and Lance Parker this weekend!
Shout out to to DRCSports for giving our club entry fee discounts again this season!

Have a race coming up? Let us know. Post below or post to Facebook!

RCTC is looking for a member to step up and take over the monthly blog posts detailing race/clinic recaps and upcoming events.

Our outstanding club has grown by leaps and bounds these past 3 seasons, and we’re so proud of you all. But I can no longer cover so many bases.

Please volunteer if you’d like to continue to see updates on the website. Thank you!!!


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