May News

Good afternoon, Winged Warriors!

Before month end, we need to sneak in a quick update…especially for those that don’t follow us on Facebook!

We kicked off the month with a Mother’s Day weekend LADIES-ONLY relay in Panama City Beach at Gulf Coast Triathlon 70.3, starring Renee Moss (swim), Susan Bennett (bike), and Melody Gunter (run). The ladies brought home a 2nd place relay award. Member Angie Bruhl also competed and scored a 3rd place award. And congrats to support partner, Jon Manry of Capital City Runners for capturing a 2nd place relay award as well!

John Thompson, Marty Hufstetler and Morgan Garcia had a terrific day at Ironman Chattanooga 70.3, and teammate Jim Simpson had a rough day nutritionally, dropping out during the run after posting a speedy bike time!

Jennifer Bendewish became the IRONMAN we always knew she was, in Texas, that very same weekend. Congrats, Jen!

The boys headed down to Crystal River for another great DRCSports Sprint, where Jeff Drawdy snagged some 3rd place Clydesdale bling, and John Wheeler and Clayton Moss snagged 5th place AG awards. Duane Joiner also posted a fast and impressive day on the course. Renee DNS due to Montezuma’s Revenge. Or something like it. Meanwhile, Drawdy ran around shirtless and pumping his fists so much, we all thought he was Chad Johnson.

After killing it as Lead Cheerleader in Crystal River, Lance Parker went on to place 5th overall at the Crisp County Kiwanis Club Memorial Day 8k. Great job, Lance!

A pack of Winged Warriors went down to Beach Blast in late April and collected their share of hardware, as well. Bill, Kristi and Conley Wilhelm all captured first place AG awards, and Chris Stroh and Melissa Thompson snagged some bling as well!

In other news, Jay Harrison is training like a beast for his first race of this season this coming Sunday at the Tally Youth Tri Series event. If I did as many bricks as this kid does, I’d sleep for days. I think he’s just trying to keep up with his mom, Lacey Harrison, who recently brought home her own 1st place AG award from the Jekyll Island Turtle Crawl sprint.

If you blinked, you might have missed the Bulldog Dash 5K, where RCTC had an impressive showing, and Chad Johnson and Beverly Hamilton took home more awards for their almost-collapsing award shelves, which are, quite frankly, bogged down from their Gnat Days awards… Especially Beverly’s overall female trophy, which was almost as big as her body.

Just for the record, Charlee Ann Conklin was also at the Bulldog Dash, scoring a much-deserved medal.

If we missed anyone else (and I’m sure we did), please post below. We’re so proud to have so many incredible athletes competing out there, and we can hardly keep up. Please continue to text/email race results to Renee or post them directly to our FB page so we can continue to cheer you on!

If you missed it, RCTC’s Joy Knop bought DASH in Thomasville and is now offering a 10% discount to anyone showing a valid Member ID.

Speaking of members, we’re proud to announce the addition of 3 new members! They are: Robin Cartright, Allison Cohenour and Karen Sasine! Welcome, ladies!!!

Here’s a random gallery of collective awesomeness. Enjoy!!!


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