April News

Greetings, everyone!

We’ve been super busy, and I know you have too. So here’s an update, finally!

If you haven’t picked up your tech tee, Member ID and temporary tats, please plan to drop by!
Please welcome new member Al Whatley!

Shout out to these recent racers:
Morgan Garcia (IMFL 70.3)
Michael Strickland (IMNOLA 70.3)
JT Harrison (Hits Endurance 70.3)
Billy Webb (Early Bird Super Sprint at UGA)
Chris Stroh (PTS Solutions Carterville Duathlon)
Lance Parker + Jeff Drawdy (Monticello Bike Fest Metric Century)
Stacey Herrin + Tiffany Nunnally (Monticello Bike Fest Century)
Jen Bendewish, Tiffany Nunnally, Team Eastman and anyone else who raced Red Hills!

…and a bunch of folks who represented at the Tally Springtime races, including:
Lance Parker
Marty Hufstetler
Chad Johnson
Leisa, Max + Wade Eastman
Melissa Thompson + Kenna Ponder
Tiffany Nunnally
Nancy Moody
Joy Knop
Katina, Jesse + Christian Stewart
Molly Richardson + Tessa Winbigler
If I missed you, please post!

Congrats to the following DRCSports FREE RACE ENTRY Raffle Winners!
Clayton Moss (Crystal River Sprint #1)
Paul Pickles (Crystal River Sprint #2)
John Thompson (Crystal River Sprint #3)
Alison Parker (Jax Sprint/Olympic #1)
John Wheeler (Jax Sprint/Olympic #2)
Alison Conklin (Jax Sprint/Olympic #3)

And THANK YOU to DRCSports for contributing those events to our giveaways.

And much gratitude to Charlie Johnson of TriAttic for coming to Cordele to coach last weekend’s Open Water Swim Clinic at Lake Blackshear.

Check out our gallery, and please keep us posted on your events! We have a lot of folks competing this weekend, so please send us your results and photos. And have fun, everyone!



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