RCTC, we have tons going on for you. And its critical that we do (+ you attend) as much as possible before racing season kicks into high gear if you really want to maximize your membership! Unless you just wanted the free tech tee, and that’s okay, too.

So here’s a quick upshot. If you’d like more detail, please check Facebook or dig through this website for the original posts. And don’t forget that there’s a calendar on this site, as well, and we’re back in the routine of posting events there, as well!

As always, please RSVP to FB event pages. Or message me if you’re not on FB.

1st meeting / Clinic at Bacchus, 6 pm.
Featured guest: Jon Manry, Capital City Runners.
Learn about the Tally Marathon for 2016 and long distance running tips from Jon.
Please drop in for your Member ID and a small gifty, courtesy of your 2015 sponsors.
Adult beverages are not paid for by RCTC, but you can pop over to the bar and grab what you like. And the kids are welcome, as always!

Gear delivers. Headsweats gear, tech tees and lastly, 2XU custom gear.

Gear Sorting Night, Volunteers Needed.
Please feel bad for Renee + Clayton and step up to help. (Insert big sad eyes here)

2nd Meeting / Clinic at Bacchus, 6 pm
Featured Guest: Roger Hawkes, Higher Ground Bicycle Co.
+ possibly a speaker from EC3D.
Flat-Fixing Clinic. Do not miss this!
Come meet Roger. Grab a bev. Bring the kids. Oh, and get your gear.
We love you all, but it is really hard for us to drop your gear at your house if you don’t attend. There are 80 of you. Already. We’re too big. So please come show us your happy face and grab your gear. Pretty please.

3rd Meeting / Clinic at Tville EM YMCA, 1 pm
Feaured Guests: TriAttic / Sandy + Charlie Johnson
Indoor pool swim clinic. Led by sick-fast athletes / Ironman baddies / professional coaches.
I will cry myself to sleep if you miss this.
Y members, bring your member card.
Non-Y members must sign a Guest Pass, posted previously.

Lifesport Coaching Tally Open Water Swim Clinic (+run)
8 am, Lake Mystic in Bristol, FL
Prepare to shiver. Totally worth your suffering.


Monticello BIKE FEST
Check out previous post for complete deets.
Monticello Bike Fest. Click this link!

If you don’t attend either of these events, you’d better be running a Marathon. Or I’m coming to get you out of bed.

That’s the scoop for now. Also, there’s a really good chance there will be a raffle for a free race entry at any or all of RCTC-hosted events. So please join us!

Happy Training!!!




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