Open Water Swim Clinic

Greetings, RCTC!

For those of you who aren’t on Facebook—or who don’t check FB often—I wanted to share this event.

Chuck Kemeny and our friends at Lifesport Coaching in Tallahassee are hosting an Open Water Swim Clinic on March 21. It’s at Lake Mystic in Bristol, FL, and it starts at 8 am.

Yes, the water will be cold.

Thank heavens Capital City Runners has offered us free wetsuit rentals so you can test out your suit of choice before making a purchase…and put it into action before raceday. And not suffer hypothermia.

The Lifesport group has been incredibly kind to include ALL of RCTC in this clinic. Their FB event description includes this copy:

Please join us for the first of hopefully many open water swims out at Lake Mystic. This is a sandy bottom recreation lake measuring between .6 – .7 of a mile across. We will have kayak support and plan to have an optional social run around the lake after the swim completes. This particular swim is scheduled to start at 8:00 AM with the last swimmer finishing around 9:00 AM. The social run around the lake is just over 2.5 miles. Participants choosing to run may elect to run more than one loop around the lake. This is a sanctioned event by USAT. Therefore, all participants will need to have valid USAT memberships at the time of the event to participate. Wetsuits are advised for the March 21st swim.

One of our fellow triathletes has been kind enough to open her house and allow us to use it to host the swims. The home is on Lake Mystic Rd., Bristol, FL 32321. The exact address will be sent to those looking to join us for the open water swim. We can discuss carpooling if people are interested.

There will be swim buoys and 5-6 kayaks to keep you safe. There are over 55 people who have already RSVP’ed on FB. This will be a really great event, so please talk yourself out of potentially being intimidated. RCTC has tried to schedule these types of events, and has encountered lots of roadblocks so far. So please take advantage of this terrific opportunity to join others who are making this happen…even if you just sit on the beach and laugh at those fools in the cold water.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Please be sure to have your USAT information with you for the open water swim. All participants will need to fill out a LifeSport waiver and USAT paperwork before they can participate in the swim.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP to the Facebook event. If you’re not on FB, message me, and I will RSVP you.

Thanks, all!


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