Monticello Bike Fest Pre-Rides

Monticello, FL is hosting Bike fest in March, and the Ride Director (Tracy) has asked for our help…

She would like for us to have a Pre -Ride of the course on Jan. 16th + 17th.
For Friday the 16th, it would be a 30-mile out and back course, and a Social B pace (16-17 mph); Saturday, for the Metric would be 18-20 mph ON FLATS so it will still be a social ride.

Please post below if you will be able to participate or email Jeff at

Start time for Friday’s ride is tentative / around 3:30 or 4.
Saturday’s Ride will begin at 8:30, and there will be a rest stop.

If you have questions about the course, please email Tracy Draper.

Btw, the Monticello Chamber of Commerce is hosting the inaugural Monticello Bike Fest on March 21, 2015. Stay tuned for details on that…or click this link!



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