2015 Gear, Unveiled.

If you’ve been on Facebook since last night, presumably you’ve seen the designs for our new 2XU teamwear. If not, please have a look. Pricing and order forms still to come. Designs may change a bit until they are officially finalized in the coming weeks.

I took all of your feedback into consideration for the new designs, so thanks much for taking the time to share! Designs have been refreshed and updated with new sponsor logos, but your 2014 gear will still work. Some changes include:

  • All Shorts now have a black panel at Top/Center of the back (behind RCTC wing emblem), rather than grey.
  • All Tri + Cycle items now have more red and less grey incorporated into the designs to make our athletes more visible on the course. You’ll also notice some new design elements worked in, such as racing stripes, Winged Warrior black-on-black tattoos, and a flame here or there. Ghosted wings have been enlarged.
  • Run Singlets are now Red and the wings have been repositioned.
  • Hats + Visors are now White. Design is unchanged.
  • Arm Warmers are 100% unchanged.
  • Crop Tops merely reflect new logos.
  • A template is not yet available for the Youth Tri Suits. They’re a brand new item, and I’ll design them just as soon I we are able to get the files.
  • Tech tees aren’t yet designed, as we won’t need to order those until January.
  • Knee Warmer template was just received today. If you’re interested in this item, please let me know. We can’t order them unless we sell at least 5 pair.

The items are all exactly the same fit/cut as we ordered last year.

We are ON for our Fitting Session this THURSDAY, 11.13 from 6:45 pm – 8 pm in the Dawson Street YMCA Community Room.

Please read the following detail about what our 2XU Fit Kit will contain and let me know if you have any questions:

  • Elite + Active/Comp Cycle Jerseys (We ordered Active/Comp last year, but we get a blended fit kit so some items enclosed will be Elite + some Active/Comp)
  • Cycling Arm Warmers
  • Long Distance/Active (formerly Comp) TriSinglet/TriShorts
  • Active (formerly Comp) Hipster Shorts
  • Active (formerly Comp) Tri Crop
  • Run Singlets
  • For the Youth Tri Suit:  We will not have samples in our Fit Kit. But still bring the kiddos! Our 2XU rep recommends the small sizing on the TriSuits for reference.  She will include size 3XS, 2XS and Small in both Men & Women in our Fit Kit, and hopefully this will help in sizing. This is what they have been using in the past for Youth sizes and has gone really well.

Thanks, all!

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