September News

Hi there, Winged Warriors! I’ve fallen a little behind in my website posts, so please forgive me. It’s easier to keep up on Facebook, but I like to keep my non-Facebookers in the know, too. And life is twice as busy with TWO wee ones and TWO IM races on Clayton’s schedule this year! There are so many racers to congratulate, including:

Angie Bruhl—for her performance at “The Clock is Ticking” distance swim. Which she completed with her toddler on her back. Again!

Joe Porter and Tony Sheffield—for completing their first HALF IRONMAN at the Hutchinson Island Half!

Billy and Rose Webb—Father/Daughter team—for the 2nd place relay finish at Tri the Ridge!

Shane + Stacey Herrin and Kellie Rome—for the Color Run in Tally!

The following folks competed at Beach Blast as one giant super-awesome team:
Melissa Thompson—1st AG / 2nd female overall
Kristi Wilhem—1st Female Masters
Bill Wilhem—4th AG
Lance Parker—5th AG
Morgan Garcia—2nd AG
Leisa Eastman—3rd AG
JT Harrison—1st Clydesdale

John Thompson—4th AG
Susan Bennett—2nd AG
John Bennett—5th AG
Joy Knop—4th AG
Wade Eastman—1st AG
Max Eastman—1st AG

Congrats to Jeff Drawdy and Jenn Bendewish for completing the Albany Nut Roll—a 104-mile ride!

Congrats to these guys for their day at the Stars and Stripes Patriot 6K:
Lori Richardson—1st place AG / 2nd place overall female
Beverly Hamilton—1st place AG / 3rd place overall female
Melody Gunter—2nd place AG
Chad Johnson— 2nd place AG / 4th overall

Congrats to Beverly Hamilton (1st overall female) and Chad Johnson (1st AG / 2nd overall!) for grabbing hardware at Race of the South 5K!

Congrats to Blease + Callaway Conklin, Ben + Kristopher Wilhelm and Jay Harrison for their performance at the last event in the Tally Youth Tri Series! (+ Katina’s Stewart’s boys, too, who might be joining RCTC!)

If I’ve missed anyone, please post or email/text me. We’re so proud of everyone!!!

It’s a really big race weekend coming up…

Good luck to MARTY HUFSTETLER, TIFFANY NUNNALLY and CLAYTON MOSS as these three take on IRONMAN Chattanooga on Sunday.
This is Tiff’s 1st IRONMAN 140.6 (+4) event! Her bib is #1006.
This is Marty’s 3rd IRONMAN 140.6 event. His bib is #686.
And this is Clayton’s 8th IRONMAN 140.6 (he’s finished 6 thus far) event. His bib is #206.
(Except they all get to bike an extra 4 miles in the Chattanooga heat. Oops!)

AND good luck to LANCE PARKER this Sunday as he takes on his FIRST HALF IRONMAN at Augusta! His bib is #2931.

You can track all of our athletes using the IM website and the IronTrac app.

If you’re in Tville and looking for a 5K, the Quail Trail is tomorrow at Pebble Creek. Check-in is at 6:30, and the race starts at 8 am.

And lastly—if you haven’t already—please welcome Jay Harrison and the entire Eastman family to RCTC!

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!!! And (say it with me), STAY HYDRATED!

PS: I have a small batch of red tech tees if anyone needs/wants a spare.


4 thoughts on “September News

  1. Hi Renee – You certainly have your hands full right now and we can keep you busy as well but wanted to be sure you had Ben and Kristopher down for the Tally Youth Tri (along with Conklins, Jay Harrison, and Stewart boys) J It was a lot of fun. I have pictures I can send to you if I did not already. Thanks!

    P.S. We’ve been praying for and watching Clayton’s progress – way to go!!!!!!

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