RCTC is all about team spirit. So show your patriotic pride & RCTC team spirit all at once!


Our Winged Warriors would like to participate in Tville’s upcoming September 11 Climb to Remember. But due to our hectic training and racing schedules, 9.11 doesn’t quite work for us as a team.

So… we have arranged an alternate time for RCTC to show our support. Join us Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 5:30 am at TCCHS Stadium. Sign up under RCTC and wear any piece(s) of RCTC gear you like!

Registration cost is a $15 donation. Please see flyer and details below.

And please RSVP to the FB event page if you’re able, so we know who will be participating.

Thanks to Melissa and Lance for working out this alternate time with Kim Smith at the YMCA!


Climb to Remember



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