Congrats, Kiddos (& MARTY)!

A big (slightly delayed) shout out to our Winged Kids on a spectacular race day at the YMCA Kids Tri on August 16th. Big thanks to all RCTC families and volunteers and to Kristi Wilhelm for sharing these photos.


Congrats to Marty Hufstetler on the completion of his second Ironman this past Sunday in Louisville. Marty finished 14th in his age group with a time just over 13 hours. Very impressive! We’re proud of you, Marty!

Clayton was there to keep him company and posted terrific swim and bike times before the famed 100-degree Louisville heat knocked him out of the race halfway through the marathon.

Big thanks to John Thompson for supporting and tireless paparazzi-style stalking of these guys to cheer them during the event.





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