RCTC Pride

This morning I awoke exhausted. I wondered if it was this quickly-growing son in my belly that’s wearing me out. Or the intense heat in which you’re all training with such dedication and enthusiasm. It feels like I’m walking on a solar flare just strolling to the mailbox.

But no, I’m wiped for another reason. And a great one. Our winged teammates.

I’m completely worn out from the waiting and watching and suspense of it all…

This weekend, we saw three racers head off to Crystal River for the DRCSports Sprint #2 on Saturday, and they all snagged some time on the podium. Congrats to Jeff Drawdy for a first place Clydesdale win, and to Alison and Lance Parker for their 2nd and 5th place age group awards, respectively!

Sunday morning, we saw Tiffany Nunnally compete in the famed Chattanooga Waterfront Olympic Triathlon in downtown Chattanooga, with her sherpa/sidekick, Lori Richardson, cheering her on. It’s a scenic, well-organized and challenging race, especially when you log 60+ miles the prior day in the name of Ironman prep. Way to go, Tiff!

And speaking of Ironman… like many of you, I was completely entranced into the wee hours yesterday by the compulsive tracking of our IRONMAN competitors, Melissa Thompson (12:48:19), Morgan Garcia (14:43:36, plus a super-fast swim time of 1:07:27), and John Thompson (15:31:50). Congrats to all three of you (and your support teams, too) for achieving this grand milestone at Ironman Coeur D’Alene in Idaho. And a shout out to your coaches and training buddies who took the journey alongside you all.

It’s a lot of work running a club like this. But these are precisely the moments that make it all worthwhile. It was so good to see everyone enjoying their experiences, smiling, posing for lots of photos and generally representing RCTC the way we’d dreamed it. Not to mention the many teammates who quietly stayed up to support their winged friends, refreshing their browsers, chewing their nails and doing a bit of praying along the way.

Thanks to all of you for making us so proud!

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