February News

Hey RCTC! A few quick updates…

If you haven’t picked up your gear and/or FREE tech tee yet, you can do so again starting next week. Please text Renee a quick heads up. We’re at our new house now, getting settled in.

If your photo is not on the RCTC Team page of this website, we want to get you added! Please send head-and-torso shots, in any piece of RCTC gear (or colors) to Renee, along with your event of choice and city in which you live.


Next month, we’ll be raffling off a FREE race entry to DRCSports Crystal River Sprint #1, which takes place in May. Clayton and I have raced it and LOVED it, so it is definitely worth the drive down to this sunny beach in Florida—whether you’re a novice or expert! The only stipulation is that you must race it if you win it. So please only enter the raffle if you’re serious. 🙂 If you’d like to be entered, please email Renee ASAP.

Thanks, all! Enjoy this amazing weather!!!


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