Social + Gear Night, this Thursday at Bacchus. Please RSVP to the FB event page (of you’re on FB; otherwise email Renee). Team Alison is making this event special, so please try to join us, if even for a drop-in. We will award a FREE RACE entry that night, too, and you must be present to win. And you cannot have already won (Marty!).

And big thanks to Bacchus and Team Alison for making this happen! That’s Alison Parker and Alison Conklin, btw.

Please bring your signed RCTC_Waiver if you still owe us one. A few folks still owe us dues. Please bring ’em!

We’ll have member IDs for anyone who hasn’t received their 2014 edition yet. If you miss the meeting and all I owe you a 2014 Member ID, I’ll pop it in the mail. If you have gear to pick up and miss the meeting, please text me. We’re moving 2.8-2.15 to our new Tville place. Any gear not picked up before then has to get ‘moved’, and I would love to minimize that! 🙂

Masters Swim starts next week, so please get signed up and pay for the session by this Friday. Such a great opportunity!

As you renew your USAT memberships, please indicate that you’re a part of RCTC/Club#2838. You’ll want to do this when registering for races, too…especially Ironman events.

Anyone who has gear or bikes to sell: Please feel free to post a description + photos to the FB page. We’ll share and LIKE to help you get noticed. Same goes for anyone trying to arrange rides, runs or any kind of group workout/training. All RCTC resources are yours to use, so please feel free to post as needed.

Don’t forget, we have a YMCA Brick on Mondays and rides on Saturdays and Sundays. Check the website calendar for details.

Congrats to Jennifer Bendewish and Tiffany Nunnally for completing their 1st and 6th Marathons (respectively) last weekend! And congrats to Tom Cornish for completing his 50-mile IDIDARIDE on January 25th!

Thanks for being a part of RCTC, all. We appreciate each and every one of you, and we’re excited about helping you reach your 2014 season goals! See you Thursday!


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