Gear Night Social + Updates


Our next event is tentative. Please pencil us in. We’ll confirm as soon as we can…

Location: Bacchus Wine Bar’s private events room
When: Thursday, February 6th at 6 pm
Please RSVP to FB if you can; otherwise an email / text to Renee works fine.

Thanks to Team Alison for organizing this great event, and to Bacchus for graciously opening their private room to us for free. We’re thrilled!

The bar will be open, so feel free to grab a cocktail and join us as we distribute our team kits… and tech tees, too, if they arrive on time. You must be of age to enter the bar, but our under-age members are welcome in the private room RCTC will be using. 🙂 So bring the fam as always!

Clinic Recap:
Thanks to everyone who attended Clinic #1, and thanks to Science of Speed‘s Brady Irwin for some really helpful information! If you missed your chance to pick up a hat or visor, text me when you can drop by.

We welcomed brand new member, Angie Bruhl last night, along with some other new/newish members we haven’t gotten to see much just yet, including Kenna Ponder, Deann Garcia, RJ White, Blease + Callaway Conklin, Tom Cornish, Micah Elkins and Joe Porter! We’re so excited to have all of you, and all of our wonderful returning members, too.

Thanks to Jeff and Clayton for planning the Clinic, and thanks to Bev, Chad and Melody for prepping the gear. Thanks to Damien for the venue and to the Parkers for Charlee-sitting and box-toting. And thanks to Tony Sheffield for offering us a future Clinic location. I appreciate all of you! And much gratitude to our sponsors for the FREE race entry, which was awarded to Marty Hufstetler in last night’s drawing!

Master’s Swim:
Don’t forget to sign up for Master’s Swim by Friday, 2.7. Class starts the following Tuesday night (2.11). Sign up at the EM YMCA front desk, but class is at the Butler Mason pool. I can’t stress enough how valuable this class can be to your swimming, regardless of your level.

Rides + Brick:
Keep an eye on Facebook and this website calendar for updates. Bricks are on Monday night now!

Our 2014 race series calendar is complete and posted here. Check it out!

Tri The Rez Discounts: We’re pleased to have added these to our list and will be sending you a new list of codes! RCTC members get $5 off any Tri The Rez race or $20 off the entire series. These discounts are in addition to the ones we’re offering from Georgia Multisports, DRCSports, and TriBlueSky. We are very lucky indeed! Check your discounts list for the details.

Don’t forget to turn your signed waiver in to Renee via mail, snail mail or drive-by-paper-airplaning. Thanks!

Stay warm out there. Keep those heads/ears + knees covered to prevent injury (and excessive whining)! Happy training. 🙂


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