Post-Fitting News.

Good morning! Our 2014 Fittings have concluded, and we will be shipping the gear back to 2XU by Thursday. If anyone missed the Fittings and needs to get Fitted, please contact Renee STAT.

Thanks to everyone who came out to try on the gear. It was great to see so many smiling faces! We’ve grown by leaps and bounds, and you’re all a vital part of that. Thanks to Jen Bendewish / Anytime Fitness for helping to host our Fittings… and to our unofficial Apparel Team… that’s Jen, Chad Johnson and Melody Gunter… for their help, as well!

If you’re ordering gear, please submit forms wth payment by December 13th, no exceptions. It’s critical that we have our order buttoned up by this date, so we have time to submit it (+ artwork) to 2XU before the holidays, securing 2013 prices.

If you saw the ‘in progress’ gear designs, please note one change that’s coming. The cycling jerseys for men and women will have a white back panel, in lieu of the black panel in our drawings. This is to enhance your visibility and safety while riding. Thanks to Bill Wilhelm for the suggestion! All designs will be posted as soon as they’re finalized. (If you’re a sponsor, payment is due by December 1. Thank you!)

If you would like to purchase a Headsweats hat or visor, those are on the one and only gear order form, as well. They’re a reorder (in a new color!), so the cost went down.

New Member Applications (and renewals) aren’t due until January, but you can submit them now if you like. Please be sure to submit your desired tech tee size; if we can afford to, we’ll gift them to our members again. Look for more information on these in January, once we receive your dues. If we can’t afford a tech tee, we’ll consider doing a nice cotton tee. Please share your thoughts. Chad is researching, so big thanks to him!

Our End-of-Season SHINDIG is December 2 at Paulie’s Pizza in Tville, at 6 pm. Please RSVP by November 15th to the Facebook event page if you can. Otherwise, please post here. We’re excited about this event, and we need to know how many folks are in your party, so we can feed everyone. Also, if you’ve just joined, please come! ALL current members are welcome!

Speaking of new members, please welcome Jerry Cagle, Micah Elkins, Joe Porter, Blease Conklin (age 8!) and Callaway Conklin (age 6!). Callaway tells me he’s faster than his big brother, and we can’t wait to find out! That’s 5 new men… now we need some new ladies, too!

If you’re a new member, we want to add your photo to our Team page, so please send me one!

Congrats to all the Winged Warriors that participated in the Spaghetti 100 last weekend. If this was your first big ride, or you’ve discovered that you need some during- and post-ride nutritional help, please contact sponsors Brady Irwin at Science of Speed/Sunshine Cycles and Jennifer Bendewish/Herbalife 24. Both can help guide you toward smarter, more successful training, racing and recovery.

That’s all for now, folks.


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