Get FIT(ted) for 2014!


Good morning, RCTC! As you know, we’ll be fitting for 2014 kits next month… Ladies- and Men’s-Specific Kit Fitting Events have been posted to Facebook. If you’re on Facebook, please RSVP to your event there. If you’re not on Facebook, please RSVP by posting here.

Both events will be held at Anytime Fitness in Thomasville, thanks to Herbalife sponsor and RCTC member, Jennifer Bendewish! The events will be held from 5:30 pm – 7 pm. Ladies on November 7th, and Men on November 11. If you come to the wrong event, your gender-specific gear will not be there. 😉

If you’re not a member and are considering joining RCTC, please join us for Kit Fitting.  Gear orders will be submitted to 2XU in December, and we’ll need everyone’s order form (still to come) and checks in hand in order to submit. Any new member who wants to may join us now, and their dues will count until the end of 2014.

If you want to check out the gear, here are some helpful links:
For the MEN:

And the LADIES:

Unisex Arm Warmers:

Tentative pricing was emailed to all members and posted to the Facebook Kit Fitting event pages. For any 2XU gear item, we MUST achieve a minimum quantity of at least 5 pieces. So if 4 men order cycle jerseys and 5 ladies order cycle jerseys, the ladies will be getting cycle jerseys, and the men will not. So please get your buddies to order!

We’ll have tentative designs (hopefully) to show you at the Fittings; we’re still awaiting a couple of advertiser logos.

We WILL be reordering BOTH Headsweats VISORS + HATS this season. The design will not change, color remains TBD.

We’re still working on Tech Tees, which were our gift to all members (until we ran out) in 2013. If there is any other piece of gear you would like, please speak now.

2014 DUES will be as follows:
Individual Adult Membership = $30
Each Additional Adult per Household = $25
Each Kidster (under 18) = $15

As always, checks will be made payable to “Clayton Moss for Rose City Tri Club”.

If you have any questions, please post or email Thanks!

Before we sign off for the morning, big shout out to all RCTC’s racers who competed at the Boston Mini yesterday. Beverly and Taylor completed their first Half Marathons, and Todd and Tiffany won first overall Thomas County male and female. Wooo-hooo!!!!

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Aaaaand here’s what was happening while I wrote this post:


Happy Sunday, y’all!


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