BRICK ALERT + 2014 Kit Update!

You asked for it, so here it is… Thanks to RCTC’s Jim Simpson, the YMCA is adding a special Tri Class, and its FREE to YMCA members.

It’s a 6:30 pm Wednesday Swim, followed by a 7:15-7:45 Spin. At that point, you can continue to spin or hit the bricks for an evening Run. Back to the Y to shower by 9.
Tri Class starts this coming Wednesday, October 23rd. Meet poolside at Everett Milton.

Huge thanks to Jim and 2-year sponsor, Thomasville YMCA, for putting this together! If you have any questions, please post here or text Jim.

If there’s enough participation, the Y may add a Monday class, too. So come on out and train with your teammates… The more the merrier!


We know you’re anxious for a price list, and we promise, we’re working on it. In the interest of total transparency, here’s where we stand:

Our goal is to sell all items to our membership at or slightly below cost, as we did for 2013. We do expect costs to be a little higher than last year because we HAVE to switch suppliers. Pricing is contingent upon (a) whether or not our intended advertisers submit their checks and (b) the quantities we’re able to order due to your interest.

We’re super psyched to have selected 2XU as our gear provider for 2014. The quality of their gear is outstanding! When the Fit Kit arrives, we’ll make absolutely certain we love every piece of the gear. If, for some reason we’re not 100% enthralled, we’ll be changing suppliers. So please be patient. We remain focused on your best interests.

The Fit Kit is expected to arrive by November 6th. Due to the large size of our club, we intend to hold TWO fittings: one for Ladies and one for Men. We hope this will simplify for us and help RCTC families juggle the kids.

The rough plan is to fit Ladies first, on Thursday, November 7. Men would be fitted on Monday/Tuesday, November 11/12. Both events would be held in the early evening, location TBA. And then the kits are returned to 2XU. We can only keep the kits for about a week, so please make every effort to clear your schedule if you want to try on the gear.

At our Fittings, you’ll be able to try on the Cycling Jerseys and Tri Tops + Shorts. Ladies, we are looking to offer BOTH of TWO options for you. One option would be a kit much like the KSwiss version we did in 2013; the other possible option would be a crop top + hipster short. So for the ladies that prefer to swim/compete in a sport bra or more fitted top, this may be ideal for you, IF we can make the minimum quantities.

We will also consider arm warmers, run singlets, and hats and/or visors, depending on interest. Again, this is all tentative.

Orders and payments would be due by December 13th, so we can submit everything prior to year end. Turn-time is 8-10 weeks, so we’d be looking to receive our gear by mid-March, if not sooner (fingers crossed).


Hi all! Thank you again for your support of RCTC. Checks are due by December 1, but we appreciate any early submissions. Either way, we need to receive your logos ASAP. A few of you have not yet submitted one, so please contact Renee with questions. THANK YOU!


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