Heavy Medals.

What a great weekend for RCTC! The weather was lovely, and the smiles (and medals) plentiful. Congrats to everyone who raced and those that brought home awards, too. Here’s the recap!

At the Stars + Stripes 6K Trail Run:
• Beverly Hamilton was first female overall!!!
• Taylor Shiver and Lance Parker both won their age groups.
• The Gunters brought home twin 2nd place age group awards.
• Joy Knop placed 3rd in her age group with a stomach bug and didn’t vomit on anyone. Including herself!
• Chad over-ran the finish because Lance got dizzy doing pirouettes and pointed him in the wrong direction (kidding… about the pointing, not the ballet!). I think he still medaled, but we’re going to pretend he placed 2nd overall because that’s where he was before he got lost.
• Alison Parker ‘didn’t die’ (her words!) and was unofficially voted cutest finisher.
• Their group photo takes the cake.
• Lori and Jenn Bendewish were there to support. Morgan also made some kind of appearance.


At Mexico Beach’s Beach Blast:
• Michael Strickland (Olympic) and Kristi Wilhelm (Sprint) placed as 3rd overall male and female. For some reason, the race converted that to 1st place Masters for each. But we think 3rd overall is more impressive!
• Jim Simpson (Sprint) won his age group.
• Clayton Moss (Olympic) won his age group.
• Bill Wilhelm (Sprint) placed 2nd in his age group.
• Russell Turner raced incognito. How’d you do, Russell?
• Post-swim, I spotted a giant game fish leaping in the ocean. I also saw a number of stingrays cruising in the surf. None of them beat Clayton in the swim.


At The Clock is Ticking Open Water Swim:
• JT Harrison swam 3.5 miles and won his event.
• Lori Richardson swam 2.4 miles and won her event.
• Both said the event was meaningful, well-run and something they’d repeat. Let’s give ’em some company next year!


At the Nut Roll Century:
• Tiffany Nunnally (2nd Female Overall!!!), Jeff Drawdy (5th Place Overall!!!), Pamela Von Dressler and Keith Beverly all had a great ride! So proud of you guys.

Still waiting for the recaps from Billy Webb who raced Tri the Ridge. We’ll keep you posted.

Looks like 30% of RCTC competed last weekend, and our members drew attention everywhere they went—for their fancy outfits, their smiles and their inability to stay off the podium. Great work, everyone!

If I missed you, send me the deets! Big thanks to all the folks that sent me texts and emails featuring props for their teammates. What a lovely way to spend my weekend. 🙂

Here’s the gallery:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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