It’s another crazy, hectic racing weekend, and there are lots of great events going on, so please wish a safe and fun race to these folks:

Billy Webb of Bowersville is racing Tri the Ridge in Pickens, SC!

Bill + Kristi Wilhelm, Michael Strickland, Jim Simpson and Clayton Moss are racing Beach Blast in Mexico Beach, FL!

Lance + Alison Parker, Joy Knop, Melody + Joe Gunter, Beverly Hamilton, Chad Johnson and Taylor Shiver are racing the Stars + Stripes 6K! Jenn Bendewish + Lori Richardson will be out there in support.

JT Harrison is tackling an impressive 3.5 mile swim at The Clock is Ticking in Lake Park, with Lori Richardson swimming the 2.4 mile!

Tiffany Nunnally, Pamela VonDressler, Keith Beverly and Jeff Drawdy are logging a Century at the Nut Roll!

Way to go, RCTC! We’ll be cheering for all of you. Please text photos and results to me, and I’ll post to FB (and compile a recap for this site, too.)


Tuesday Morning Ride:
It’s dark for a large chunk of this ride now. That’s why you don’t see any Mosses out there. We’re weenies about being super safe. If you want to keep riding this, you have our blessing, but please, please wear lights. We care deeply about everyone’s safety, and the whole group needs to wear front (and rear!) lighting. Lightspurs for running also work well on your bike shoes for added safety.

If you’re joining a group ride or run, please let folks know you’re coming, so they can wait for you. We don’t want anyone left behind. 🙂


Tuesday morning ladies!

More on Ride Safety:
We’re working on a top secret project to improve group ride safety, and we’ll let you know when that’s complete.

Ironman Races:
Many of you were wondering what happened with the Chattanooga Ironman that recently sold out in 3 minutes. We’re STILL wondering! Ha! But the good news is that Marty, Tiffany and Clayton all got in for 2014. Jim Simpson is vying for a IM Florida slot (fingers crossed for Jim!). Russell Turner is doing IM Zurich! John + Melissa Thompson, Marty (again!), and Morgan Garcia are all doing Coeur D’Alene in 2014.

Lynn Pflepsen is adding a half to her race schedule for next year. Anyone else doing the same?

Jack-o-Lantern Jog:
Alison Parker and Kristi Wilhelm are helping to plan a Jack-o-Lantern Jog for October 19. If you’d like to register, please email Alison at

RCTC’er and sponsor, Gina Curry is teaching an Intro to Yoga lunch-break class on Wednesdays at Metta from 1-1:40. Get your stretch on and get backta work!

If you’d like to show support for Sunshine/SoS’s Brady Irwin’s family, you can buy I Ride for Grayson cycling socks by emailing, ASAP! Or you can donate at


Lost + Found:
We love our RCTC’ers, and we love caring for your left behind items. Thanks for entrusting us! But as many of you know, we’re preparing to move about 1 mile away in the coming months, so if you left behind any items at the Cordele BBQ, like a green Nike tee or some stinky blue+white socks, please come and claim them, before they also move… to a dumpster.

It’s time for us to begin planning for next year’s kit orders, and that means we need YOU! Help sell advertising space on our kits, help determine what apparel to order, help choose which brand of kit to order for next year. If you would like to help, please let me know by October 1. We’d like to form two committees: One for Apparel, and one for Advertising. Thanks in advance!

Just a heads up… Because ordering custom sublimated kits is a costly and time-consuming effort with minimums that must be reached (per gender), we will order kits just ONCE for the 2014 season. That order will happen before December 31, 2013. So please be prepared to place your order before year-end. Thanks!!!


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