Holiday Weekend Updates!

Hi RCTC! Quick updates as we head into a much-needed holiday weekend…

Billy Webb is racing the Langley Pond Olympic this weekend, and Melissa Thompson competes at 5150 Hy-Vee Nats in Iowa! Good luck to you both!!!

Is anyone else racing?

And for those of you who missed it, our own Marty Hufstetler became an IRONMAN last weekend at IM Louisville. Congratulations, Marty!!!!!

Jim Simpson invites you to come out and ride at 8 am on Monday…From Jim: Meet and leave from Clyattville Park located on Old Clyattville Rd. The park is on the left about 1 mile South of Wild Adventures. This bike ride will be about 52-54 miles. Shorter options are available.

This is a ride that usually splits, with the faster riders doing it at 21+ mph and a sec group at around 18 mph. We do reform in Madison, ride together for a while until the big boys go off the front again.
This ride has some rollers, around 2800 ft of climb.

Enjoy your weekend, and stay safe, everyone!


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