Best. Kids. Ever!

Despite the rain, our kids raced like champs today, and the entire RCTC family was so very proud! Congrats to:

Natalie, Thomas + Eliza Herrin, Blease Conklin, Makenna Ponder, Sara + Andrew Strickland, Levi Knop, Andrew Bennett, Ben, Conley + Kristopher Wilhelm!

Thanks to Ralph Griffith, Jill Tabacchi, the Thomasville YMCA and DRCSports for a great event.

And thanks to all the members/families that braved the torrent of rain to volunteer and cheer on the kids. That includes:

The Parkers
The Conklins
The Herrins
The Wilhelms
The Stricklands
The Thompsons
The Gunters
The Bennetts
Jenn Bendewish
Lori Richardson
Joy Knop
Kenny Hood
Taylor Shiver
Steve Powell
Marty Hufstetler
Coach Jill
Katina Stewart

Now cruise the gallery…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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