Feelin the Love!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really feeling the RCTC love today. What a fantastic weekend for our club!

Congratulations to John Bennett, Lance Parker, Alison Parker, Joy Knop and Nancy Hiers for officially becoming TRIATHLETES on Saturday! What a terrific first race for all of these members. We’re so proud of you all!

Congrats to Daphne Frasch, Todd Hanscom and Susan Bennett for participating in their first sprint tri(s) in relay form!

And please WELCOME member #57 to RCTC… Susan Bennett!

Congratulations to all 29 RCTC members who competed at Georgia Veterans, and an extra shout out to these 13 folks who brought home new hardware:

Michael Strickland, 2nd Place Overall
JT Harrison, 2nd place Cydesdale (Drawdy was 5th!)
Clayton Moss, 2nd Place M 30-34
Renee Moss, 2nd Place F 35-39
Tiffany Nunnally, 3rd Place F 35-39 (Beverly was 4th!)
Alison Parker, 3rd Place F 30-34
Lynn Pflepsen, 2nd Place F 30-34
Lori Richardson, 3rd Place F 25-29
Kristi Wilhelm, 1st Place F Masters
Conley Wilhelm, 1st Place M 15 and under
Marty Hufstetler + Todd Hanscom + Chad Johnson, 1st Place Relay

Another huge thanks to everyone who helped with the BBQ… Thanks for the boating, the bubbles, the great dishes and desserts, and thanks to Joanne and Rick Moss for opening their home to a bunch of rowdy, hungry, sweaty triathletes and their respective fan clubs!

Thanks to Team Conklin and all the families and friends that put up with the blistering heat and relentless gnats to cheer us on.

Meanwhile, in Columbus…
Melissa Thompson captured 2nd Place Overall Female at the Chattahoochee Challenge. Wow!!! Congrats also to Morgan Garcia for a 2nd Place age group finish and to John Thompson and Jenn Bendewish for impressive raceday performances as well!

And if you thought that was all…Billy Webb was representing up in Greenville… putting on a great show and posting faster times than his previous year’s stats. Way to go, Billy!!!

I get a little emotional when I think about how far we’ve all come together in our first season, and its not over yet. It takes a great deal of work to organize any club, but you all do a terrific job of helping us maintain our momentum. You cheer one another on, you share gear, you train and race and laugh and play hard together… Heck! Some of you even wear butterfly wings and give out pre-race hugs… I enjoy watching so many kind, talented and inspiring people come together. We have an amazing team! Thank you all for continuing to inspire me… and one another!

Now check out our fab photo gallery from this weekend. πŸ™‚

Don’t forget… You can spin out those legs tomorrow morning or evening on either group ride. Check the calendar for deets.

And don’t forget we’re helping with the YMCA’s Kids Tri this weekend. If your kidster is racing that, please email/text me pronto so I can prepare a good luck post for the kids. Thanks!

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