So long, summertime… (almost)

{frown} Looks like school is quickly approaching and many of our teacher-members are getting back to the grind. Thanks for all you do!

Luckily {smile}, tri season is still going strong!

Alison + Robert Conklin joined our club, and their son Blease is training for the August 17th YMCA Kids/Family Tri! Welcome, Team Conklin!

Speaking of the KIDS TRI, if you still want to volunteer, please email RCTC’er Katina at If her section is full, she can connect you with someone who still needs volunteers. And thanks to all of our members who have already signed up to help!


Chad is busy protecting Triathlete Alley and frightening others with his finish line posturing and blazing fast times—like a recent 26:13 (3.5 miles) at the GWTC Summer Trail Series #3 – Magnolia Trail. Super-Beverly posted a 29:47 at the same event, finishing as the #7 overall lady runner. You can read about it here. Thanks to Melody for sharing the link, and way to go, Chad and Bev! (Her picture below is from another event, but we’re having a YAY-BEV kinda day, so we’re using it!)

1069314_10201199570143532_214052295_n 1005054_10201092847156332_1260879098_n

16-month-old Charlee Moss completed her first 5K last weekend at the Port St. Joe Scallop Festival, rolling laid-back toward the finish line with little effort at all, and beating an adorable 7-month old like it was nothing… Momma-Renee posted a 28-minute run time, while it was hot enough to cook a fresh-caught bay scallop on your forehead.

968842_537087883005963_414021160_n 1002860_537106769670741_2045444453_n

Melissa, Tiffany, Stacey, Lori and Jenn (and Todd, not pictured!) came out in force this morning for Clayton’s ride from the stunning NEW Grassroots. Nice show, everyone!


Billy Webb had a strong Misteltoe Sprint, and is prepping for an August 11th Greenville Sprint Tri, as well. That guy is always in motion!

Morgan Garcia, John + Melissa Thompson and Jennifer Bendewish will be racing the Chattahoochee Challenge Olympic in Columbus August 10. Good luck, guys!

A huge contingent (29!) of RCTC’ers are racing Georgia Veterans in Cordele, August 10. Here’s my list… Let me know if I need to add or remove anyone, please! And a HUGE thanks to our friends, Jim + Belinda Rainey / Georgia Multisports, for the $10 entry discount per racer!

John Bennett
Parrish David
Jeff Drawdy
Joe Gunter
Beverly Hamilton
JT Harrison
Stacey Herrin
Nancy Hiers
Joy Knop
Clayton, Renee + Rick Moss
Tiffany Nunnally
Alison + Lance Parker
Steve Powell
Lori Richardson
Mike Rome
Tony Sheffield
Dee Dee Snow (cheering, not racing!)
Michael Strickland
Bill, Kristi + Conley Wilhelm
Team Conklin (cheering, not racing!)

And we’ve got 2 RELAYS competing:
LADIES: Daphne Frasch + Melody Gunter + Susan Bennett
MEN: Marty Hufstetler + Todd Hanscom + Chad Johnson

If you’ve not yet registered, please do so ASAP and use your discount code. If you’re planning to race and are not on this list, please let me know. We have 25-full-race slots, so we’re getting close to hitting our limit. I can ask for more slots if we need them, and I don’t want to do that at the last minute. 🙂

If you’re planning to attend the post-race BBQ, please be sure to RSVP by tomorrow, July 31. Details are on this website calendar. We’re excited to have so many members and families joining us for a great race and fellowship. And thanks to everyone who has offered to bring something. Bring your beverages/coolers and towels. We have showers, ski boats and most of the food covered, thanks to Rick + Joanne Moss and Alison + Lance Parker.

Don’t forget… Time trials in Valdosta tonight at 7… The time trial starts at the intersection of Knights Academy Road and Lakeland Highway. The address is 4340 Lakeland Hwy Naylor, GA 3164. There is a church at this intersection called Pleasant Way Baptist Church in which you can park at if you decide to meet at the event. $5 / person – unless you have already prepaid. Be on-site – registered by 6:50PM to assure the correct starting time and proper spacing of the riders.

And thanks to Jeff and Jennifer for their continued help with the Facebook page and overall encouragement of our members. Clayton and I appreciate the support!

Send us your photos, and don’t forget a headshot for the TEAM PAGE!

Thanks, and happy training, everyone!


4 thoughts on “So long, summertime… (almost)

  1. I’m day-to-day on the Cordele race, still struggling a lot in the water. I’ll be there, but I may or may not do it………but if Morgan Garcia, aka My Hero is there, I might give it a go. He is a certified bonafide RESCUE SWIMMER. We shall see. I’m sure everybody’s dying to know whether or not I’ll actually enter this event. Please stay calm and send all inquiries via postal mail.

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