New Member + Other News!

Big shout out to our newest member…Todd Hanscom, a runner, cyclist and overall fitness enthusiast. Everyone, please extend a warm welcome to Todd!

And props to new member Billy Webb on a first place AG award at the Hartwell Sprint Tri last weekend! He placed 15th overall. Congrats, Billy!

If you’re racing this week, please let me know, so we can cheer you on! I know the Thompsons, the Gunters, Jenn Bendewish and possibly Chad and Beverly are racing Marianna. Anyone else? Clayton and I will be racing DRCSports Crystal River Sprint #2. Anyone tagging along with us?

And I know Lori Richardson has her ultra-marathon coming up soon. July 13th weekend, I believe? We’re wishing Lori lots of luck for a safe and memorable raceday.

For continually updated details on the upcoming July 13th YMCA/RCTC Kids Tri Clinic, check out our KIDS page, here!


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