Welcome, Capital City Runners!!!

You may have heard the great news… RCTC is ecstatic to add another terrific advertising partner to our list. It’s Capital City Runners in Tallahassee!!!

And that means a 10% member discount on product at their store. Hooray!!!

But if you’ve ever run with any discomfort whatsoever (and who hasn’t?!?!), you know that even more important than saving a little cash is finding the right gear. And it starts with choosing the right shoe.

I’m no whiz at this, so as with cycling, I leave the fitting to the experts. We’re fortunate to have this great partner nearby, as their staff is comprised of fellow (accomplished) runners and triathletes. They use video gait technology to analyze your individual biomechanics, so you’re fitted with a shoe that best suits your body and run style. Which means you can spend more time in the zone and less time worrying about your gear.

(I’ve personally had this done, and had great success with eliminating stiff IT bands and other little nuisances that pop up when you’re doing a bit of training. It’s well worth a few minutes of your time!)

Please pop in, say hello, ask for Jon or Kevin or anyone else who will be happy to assist you. And be sure to tell them you’re a Rose City Tri Club member. Enjoy!


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