Pink Skirts and Hardware.

When RCTC was but a twinkle in our eyes, I had envisioned we’d draw the beginners, excited to try something new. And the experienced, looking for training buddies. And the working-on-becoming-more-fit, changing their lifestyles for the better. Today, I’m thrilled to be surrounded by of all them. Taking big steps together.

I knew I’d be busy trying to juggle mommyhood and work and triathlon, whether there was a club or not. I knew Charlee would be toted to races with us. She was in my belly at IMFL and in the backpack at Madison. And she was with Nana while I raced 4 months post-partum in Cordele. I’d seen others do all of this, so I knew it was possible. I wasn’t going to let parenthood prevent us from continuing our active lifestyle.

But I hadn’t fully envisioned the power of the SuperMom (and SuperDad, too!). I knew we’d have SuperParents in RCTC, and that they’d be artfully easing a training regimen into their already overflowing schedules. Real multi-taskers.

Turns out, we have lots of them. More than I’d expected. And they’re funny and kind and helpful and encouraging and fit. I’m surrounded!

Those that include their children, from a really young age are teaching those kiddos that fitness is fun. Race days overflow with sunshine and fresh air and play. Adventure! Girls can race in ruffled skirts. Transition bags can be leopard print with hot pink trim. Boys can outrun men (and me!).

Strong is beautiful.

I love that RCTC is full of amazing people who are somehow making time for fitness and family and their personal beliefs amid already cram-packed schedules. And I love that the kidsters aren’t at home, plopped in front of the TV. They’re on and around the course. Right where they belong.

Thanks for doing what you do, RCTC. You are an inspiration!

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