More Cowbell!

We’re so excited, we’re gonna need a lot more cowbell!

That’s because Melody Gunter is racing her very first triathlon this weekend at Callaway Gardens. So by Sunday afternoon, this sweet lady will officially be a TRIATHLETE!

According to the event’s website…
This highly successful Sprint Triathlon, now in its eighth year, features a 1/4-mile swim around Robin Lake in four to five feet of water (or less, closer to the shore); a 9-mile bike along nine miles of gently rolling terrain and a 2-mile run along Robin Lake Circle. The easy and scenic course is popular among beginning triathletes – in 2012, 70% of the field was comprised of first-timers.

Super-shout-out to Melody and Joe, as they’ll both be competing! We’ve heard this is a great race, and we’ll expect a full report.

And the following weekend, we have 4 members racing a DRCSports event in Jacksonville. Taylor Shiver is competing in the Sprint, while Mike Rome, Tony Sheffield and JT Harrison take on the Olympic. Good luck to all of you!!! May the waves be small, the heat tolerable and the refreshments plentiful!

We’ll be cheering you on from a distance, and we want to hear all about your events, so please text/email or post photos.

If anyone else is racing this month, please tell us, so we can be your SuperFans too!

We have Marianna and Crystal River Sprints coming up July 4 and July 6 respectively, so don’t forget to get registered for one (or both!) of those! And if you choose Crystal River, don’t forget to use your magic discount code!

And let’s hear it for our 3 newest members, bringing us to an impressive 50-member roster in our maiden year!

#48: Damien Salazar, who recently crossed a Century off his bucket list at the Ride for Hope (yahoooo!!!!), and next up is a Triathlon.
#49: Gina Curry, the gracious owner of Metta Day Spa, currently taking her Yoga Teacher Training and one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. She’s joining us because she loves the TEAM feeling of RCTC.
And #50: Michael Pozo, an experienced cyclist / triathlete, who’s done a smattering of races—from XTerra to 10-hour-long mountain bike races to half-Ironman triathlons—also finally joins our ranks.

Welcome to RCTC!!! Thanks to all of you for being a part of this great club and for making it something truly special.

Don’t forget next week’s meeting at Metta… June 20.

And headshots, people. Send me headshots in any piece of RCTC gear. Or else! 😉


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