Hi all! Please welcome new member, Mike Rome of Thomasville to RCTC! He’s training for the June 22 DRCSports Olympic tri in Jax/Fernandina Beach, and when he’s done with that, he’ll be looking for training buddies for the rest of the season. He’s our 46th member, and I do think we’re going to make it to 50 members soon. How should we celebrate when that happens?

The new tech tees have arrived. We’re sorting and will let you know when we can distribute. I have strep, so please give us a few days to get healthy before we worry about the shirts. We’d like to keep you all cootie-free!

Our friends at Georgia Multisports gave us a lovely feature in their most recent e-newsletter, which came out last night. Don’t miss it; you’re all awesome and famous!

Speaking of being awesome, we have a flock of winged racers participating in the Ride for Hope this weekend, including Tiffany, Melissa + John, Marty, Jeff, and Kristi. Wish them all a safe and well-hydrated Century, please! Special thanks to Jenn Bendewish for hooking them all up with Herbalife24 water bottles, etc.

Don’t forget to send me your headshots for the Team page. I’m going to hound you until you do. 😉

Also, Clayton would like to take a group team photo sometime soon, so please be thinking about when/how we can make that happen. Ideas are welcome, so please post!

The YMCA Family/Kids Tri training clinic is just over a month away… it’s July 13, so please plan to participate in that or on their raceday, which is August 17.

I double-checked, and the DRCSports discount code I emailed out to everyone is good for ALL DRCSports races, 10% off your entry. Enjoy!

Lastly, please share your action photos from raceday, so you, too, can be the speedy-looking RCTC photo/header here on our website and on our Facebook page, too. It doesn’t have to be the Clayton Show. After all, this is your club!

Thanks, and have a great weekend, all!


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