Amazing Race!

Clayton and I ventured down to palm-tree laden, sunny Crystal River, Florida for DCRSports Crystal River Sprint #1 last Saturday. What an amazing race!

We all get so focused on our big event for the season, we can forget how incredibly fun it is to just get out there and race a sprint with our best friend, in gorgeous weather, at a lovely little beach. We left Charlee with her grandparents and hit the course together in our full RCTC gear. No matter how hard I might be working out there, I can’t suppress my happiness when I see my husband on the course.

This was a calm, warm, ocean swim (.25 miles), followed by a scenic and super-fast spin (15 miles) through the lovely salt-marsh/estuary turf that’s representative of Florida’s beautiful Nature Coast (where I grew up!), capped off with a flat little 5K run, out and back on the same salty highway. There were a lot of clubs out there, and about 30 kids, too. At the finish line: cold refreshments, hot food, live beach-front music, interesting vendors. Plus, indoor plumbing and outdoor showers. What more could we ask for?

Photo by Bob Badalucco 407.443.2159

Photo by Bob Badalucco

How about a great set of event photos to memorialize a great day on the race course? We were pleasantly surprised by the quality and creativity of the images captured by photographer, Bob Badalucco. I’m buying event photos for the first time in years. He posted this amazing shot of Clayton as the event cover for his proofing site. When you have a minute, check out his website!

Clayton took home 2nd in his age group with a 1:08, and I took home 4th in mine with a 1:22.

If you’re looking for some great races, consider anything on the DRCSports schedule. Why? Because they’re great, friendly folks who know how to host a fun and safe event at terrific venues. And having a great race management team makes all the difference. Plus, RCTC members get discounts, and when you like to pack your season full of races, every bit of savings helps.

Check out this little gallery from our day. We’ll see you out there next time!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Don’t forget to send me your profile photos for the Team page. And we’ll see you at our meeting this Thursday at 6:45 pm at Metta!


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