RCTC News!

We’re heading into another glorious weekend, so here are a few updates for all of you…

Member, Marty Hufstetler is racing on Sunday at the Haines City 70.3. Everyone, please wish him luck for a safe and successful race! Is anyone else racing this weekend? If so, please post.

We have a FREE race entry to give away for the DCRSports Jax Sprint Triathlon #1, June 22. If anyone is interested in that race, please let me know by posting here or texting me STAT. Registration is here. And don’t forget, RCTC members get 10% off any DRCSports race. Gotta use the discount code when you register!

Interested in the Freedom Springs race at Blue Springs Recreation Park on July 4th in Marianna? The registration link is here. It’s a terrific race with a kids division, too. Come on out and race!

The Thomasville YMCA’s Kids Triathlon is August 17th. Please plan to volunteer. Let’s do our part to positively represent our sport, and to help those kids have an excellent race day. We’ll be participating in a Kids Tri Clinic, likely in July, to help get the kiddos ready. Please let me know if you’d like to help.

Science of Speed is hosting a Kids Tri Camp June 3-7.

Considering shipping your bike via air-travel to race? Clayton and I have bike cases we’re happy to share. So don’t invest in one; plan to borrow ours!

Please welcome these incredible NEW MEMBERS we’ve added in the last week or so:

Michael Strickland from Moultrie… A 2-time Ironman Florida finisher, 70.3 Age Group Champion, Boston qualifier (in 3:10) and sponsored K-Swiss athlete.

Lynn Pflepsen from Albany… Lynn completed her first triathlon at the North Florida race in Madison, and she kindly credits the encouragement she received from all of YOU for helping get her through the run and to the finish line.

Bobby Miller from Thomasville… He’s checked the Albany Marathon and Georgia Veterans Sprint Triathlon off on his bucket list, and now he’s considering a Half Ironman.

Stacey and Shane Herrin from Thomasville… Stacey completed her first triathlon in Madison with us, and Shane is a smart hubs who wants to stay fit and keep up with his busy bride.

It’ll be another toasty weekend, so Lori Richardson has asked me to remind you all: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Lori has been leading non-routine group runs lately, posting to Facebook about them as she’s able (Thanks, Lori!). If anyone is interested in running with Lori’s group, please post here or contact her for the details.

And Jim Simpson is open to doing some brick workouts on weeknights. If anyone is interested in joining him, please post here.

Thanks everyone, and happy training!


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