Bike Junkies, Get Your Fix.

I’m not a gear-head like the hubs.

If you have questions for me about gear and bikes, I’ll lean heavily toward sizing and comfort as my evaluative criteria. That might be due to my stature. I’ve spent a lifetime searching for anything fits my 5’5″ 99-pound frame. If it fits and its not hot pink (think women’s scuba gear, circa 1988), I’m buying it… irrespective of price (within reason). So if you’re itty bitty like me, ask away. I’m your resource!

On the other hand, Clayton is a true gear-and-bikes guy. If you have questions, he’s always happy to advise. Or discuss until the point of exhaustion. And if you’re simply a bike junkie, might be precisely the blog for you. Watch various models scrap it out against one another, just for fun.

Enjoy! And then discuss with Clayton. đŸ˜‰


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