Tuesday Ride + Updates

Group Ride starts at 6:30 AM mañana (4/30) from Everett Milton, weather permitting. 25 miles. Who’s game? Please post here or to Facebook. THX!

Race Recap:

  • Congrats to Melissa Thompson on a 5th place age group finish (2:15:58) and to Marty Hufstetler on a 17th place age group finish (2:25:32) at St. Anthony’s Triathlon yesterday. Swim was cut short, but these two RCTC racers had an incredible day. Melissa qualified for the 5150 National Championships. Way to go!
  • Props to Rick Moss on a great Sprint race at Beach Blast in Mexico Beach on Saturday!
  • And congrats again to our family of Rose City Runners and supporters this past weekend. We’re proud of you all!

Tech Tees:

  • If you’ve already received an RCTC tech tee and would like another, cost will be $13 each, checks payable to ‘Clayton Moss for RoseCity Tri Club’.
  • If you have NOT already been given an RCTC tech tee, yours is FREE!
  • Please email or text your sizes to Renee by Monday, May 6th to be included on this order. Please drop checks in our mailbox or give ’em to Clayton or me when you see us. Posting to FB doesn’t count; sorry Charlie. 😉
  • The design for this is the same as our last order. Still a non-gender-specific tee. Please see below.KS Tee CAD

We will be ordering hats or visors as well, but we’re still working out the pricing and designs, so stay tuned. And don’t forget to vote for which you prefer, either here or on FB. Thanks!


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