Big Racing Weekend Ahead!

We’ve got a really exciting race weekend ahead of us, so here’s a big shout out to all the great folks competing and spectating over the next couple of days!

The Rose City Run is captivating Thomasville, and we’ve got lots of folks running, including:

John Bennett + his kiddos!
Tiffany Nunnally’s kiddos!
Shelly Toth + her lovely daughters!
Melody Gunter
Chad Johnson
Beverly Hamilton
Bill + Conley Wilhelm, hopefully with SuperMom, Kristi!
Nancy Moody
Nancy Hiers
Jeffrey Drawdy
Taylor Shiver
Joy Knop (soon-to-be RCTC member, I suspect!)

If I missed anybody, please email/text me, and I’ll add you…

We’ve got John Bennett’s lovely bride spectating, along with our newest member, Lance Parker (please welcome him!), and Tiffany Nunnally. You can find them in and around the yellow Redfin Energy tent near the registration/Big Oak area. Please stop by and say hello to these great folks. Race-day support can be almost as exhausting as actually racing! So look for the RCTC and Redfin banners!

We’ve also got Marty Hufstetler and Melissa Thompson racing at the famed St. Anthony’s Triathlon in St. Pete beach on Sunday, so we’re on the lookout for race results and great photos from those two…

And the Moss clan will be down in Mexico Beach, with Rick and me racing the Beach Blast Sprint tri, while Clayton lights up the Beach Blast Olympic tri. All of that goes down tomorrow, and it will be Charlee’s first time spectating while both mommy and daddy are on the course.

Wish everybody luck on this gorgeous race weekend. We’re so excited for and proud of all our great racers, and their dedicated support crews. Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Big Racing Weekend Ahead!

  1. I’ll be a spectator at the RC run. There are some interesting traditions. Sheriff Powell calls out the one-mile times. He is big and bad and a heck of a race walker, age 70-ish. The Original Charlie Ward (the Heisman winner’s father) always calls mile 3 …. A high school marching band entertains near mile 4 … and finally near mile 5.5 a loud disc jockey plays music and encourages those struggling up Heartbreak Hill. My PR was in 1997 – 43:58 – ten years after Herb Wills set the course record in 1987. His was the only sub-30 minute run ever, 29:57.

    I was only 14 minutes away from setting the course record.

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