Get Your REAR in GEAR.

Quick reminder, members… We’re meeting tomorrow night at Metta Day Spa to distribute our custom K-Swiss triathlon kits!

April 22, 2013 | 6 pm | Metta Yoga+Pilates studio (on Broad Street)


Plus we’ll have two great Herbalife24 Sport door prizes from Jennifer Bendewish… a little something from MTCSLaw in Moultrie… and a brief RUN SEMINAR led by Lori Richardson. Be sure to enter the raffle as soon as you arrive, so you can be included in our drawing.

IF YOU RACED THIS PAST WEEKEND, please email your results to Clayton ASAP at, so he can share with the group tomorrow night.

A heartfelt thanks to Metta Day Spa / Gina Curry for allowing us to use their zen new space for our meeting!

And be sure to subscribe to (or FOLLOW) this blog/website, because email updates will soon be discontinued. Thank you!


One thought on “Get Your REAR in GEAR.

  1. We (as in my girls and I with a double jogging stroller) raced in a 5k Saturday, and then in the 5.2 miles for Boston at 5:00 in Tally on Sunday. I have no idea what our finish times were, all I know is mommy survived and lots of bubbles were blown during the races. See you tomorrow!!

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