Congrats, Finishers!

Our athletes have been very busy.

CONGRATULATIONS to the following Winged Warriors who completed Ironman Augusta 70.3 on September 27:

(1st Time Finisher)

(1st Time Finisher)

(1st Time Finisher)

(1st Time Finisher)

(4-Time Finisher)

(4-Time Finisher)

(6-Time Finisher)

And CONGRATULATIONS to the following Winged Warriors who completed Ironman Louisville 140.6 on October 11:

(1st Time Finisher)

(2nd Time Finisher)

(8-Time Finisher)

Shout out to SAM Parker, LOLA Parker and CHARLEE Moss for completing the IRONKIDS race in Kentucky!

Congrats to our coaching partner, TriAttic‘s SANDY Johnson on the completion of her Ironman World Championships event in Kona on October 10. What an amazing milestone! It was Sandy’s 13th Ironman 140.6 finish.

Shout out to TIFFANY Nunnally for her 1st place AG win at the Brookwood Warrior Dash, also on Saturday.

Shout out to JOY Knop and SUSAN Bennett, who competed in the Santa Rosa Island Triathlon!

Congrats to our athletes who competed at Tri The Rez! Tiffany, Stacey and Bill all brought home AG awards!

We’re collecting SPONSORSHIPS for 2016 already, and we’re ecstatic to welcome back so many of our previous sponsors. Stay tuned for an announcement of who’s returning, who’s new and who plans to be our anchor!

If you’re sponsoring RCTC we thank you for your support, which enables us to give away so many FREE races and to treat our teammates to fun giveaways, events and clinics throughout the year. THANK YOU! Sponsorship monies for 2016 can be mailed to The Mosses or delivered to Joy Knop at DASH in Downtown Thomasville.

Athletes, if you have an event coming up, please let us know! We want to cheer you, before during and after your event!!! If I missed you or reported in error, let me know, and I will revise. Now check out the gallery!!!





September News

We have a big race weekend coming up, so please join us in wishing the following athletes a fantastic Ironman Augusta 70.3:

Congrats to the following RCTC’ers who participated at the TCT Swim in Lake Park:
JT Harrison (3.5 mile swim, 3rd overall)
Katina Stewart (1 mile)
Christian Stewart (1 mile)
Lori Richardson (1 mile)
Stacey Herrin (1 mile)
Melissa Thompson (1 mile)
Angie Bruhl (1 mile, with toddler on her back!)
Colin Prinsloo (1 mile)
Alison Cohenour (1 mile)

Shout out to our racers who competed at Beach Blast, including:
Melissa Thompson (2nd place AG, Olympic)
Morgan Garcia (3rd place AG)
Deann Garcia
Marty Hufstetler
Joy Knop (3rd place AG)

Congrats to Billy Webb, who scored a 3rd place AG award at the Hot Dam Olympic Tri.

Big props to some little athletes who raced at the last Tally YTS race:
Charlotte Harrison (3rd place AG, 1st triathlon — just 5 years old!)
Jay Harrison
Callaway Conklin
Blease Conklin

Huge thanks to these guys for representing at the September 11th Climb to Remember:
Lance Parker
Tiffany Nunnally
John Wheeler
Melissa Thompson

Congrats to these athletes for their performances at the Stars + Stripes 6K:
Beverly Hamilton (1st place overall female)
Chad Johnson (2nd place AG, 4th overall)
Tiffany Nunnally  (1st place AG)
John Wheeler (3rd place AG)

And again the following weekend, Bev scored another 1st place overall female award and Chad a 1st place AG at the Quail Trail 5K.

Local Races, Upcoming…
OCTOBER 10 – Brookwood’s 2nd Annual Warrior Run 5K and Fun Run
OCTOBER 17 – Joey Maxwell Memorial 5K Run/Walk

We’re also looking ahead to Ironman Louisville—just weeks away—where Lance Parker will tackle his first Ironman 140.6, and Clayton and Morgan will also compete.

Shout out to Chad + Bev on their recent engagement and to Lori Richardson on her future baby triathlete!

If I overlooked your race, please post below or message me. Check out the gallery!

August Holla!

Greetings, RCTC!

Quick recap of our busy August goings-on thus far…

Shout out to the following award winners from the Georgia Veterans Sprint in Cordele:

Angie Bruhl – 2nd Place Overall Female
Melissa Thompson – 1st Place AG
Jennifer Bendewish – 3rd Place AG
Lacey Harrison – 2nd Place Athena
Wade Eastman – 1st Place AG
Ben Wihelm – 3rd Place AG
Conley Wilhelm – 2nd Place AG
Max Eastman – 3rd Place AG
Colin Prinsloo – 1st Place AG
Clayton Moss – 3rd Place AG
Morgan Garcia – 1st Place AG
Marty Hufstetler – 2nd Place AG
Jim Simpson – 1st Place AG
JT Harrison – 2nd Place Clydesdale

Congrats also to the rest of our crew on tons of terrific performances in Cordele! Check out the complete results here.

And thanks again to JoAnne and Rick Moss for lending us their lake house for Post-Race Stuff-Yer-Face. If you missed it, you truly missed out. Please put this race on your calendar for next season and join us!

Shout out to Lance Parker on a 3rd Place SERIES awards at DRCSports Jax Sprint/Olympic Triathlon Series.
Congrats also to Alison Conklin on a great raceday in Jax!

Good luck to all of RCTC’s winged kiddos racing tomorrow at the Thomasville YMCA’s KIDS TRI, including:

Jay Harrison
Lola Parker
Blease Conklin
Callaway Conklin
Mallory Bennett
Andrew Bennett
Jesse Stewart
Christian Stewart
Ben Wilhelm
Kristopher Wilhelm

…and to future RCTC’ers:
Sara Cameron, Sydney + Cole Sullivan!

Who else is joining these awesome kids?
Thank you to the YMCA and to all of our member-volunteers!!!

Max + Wade Eastman are racing tomorrow in Tallahassee at Maclay, so wish them luck, too!

Lastly, Lori Richardson is racing the Chattahoochee Challenge Olympic tomorrow in Columbus. So holla for Lori!

If I missed your event or forgot your mention, please let me know!

Don’t forget that DASH is the new home of RCTC, so drop us a line or stuff some money (or stickers or food) into our mailbox when you pop in for new shoes, okay?! And buy some Endurox R4 recovery powder; you need it!

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe and hydrated, everyone!

Here’s the big, fat gallery, in no particular order…


Beginning later THIS week, RCTC will have a mailbox at DASH in downtown Thomasville.

Need to leave a payment, dues or member app? Want to leave us a flyer to share on behalf of your race/event/clinic? Wanna buy some RCTC merch?

Stop by and visit Joy… and feel free to leave something in our box!

It’ll look like this!


Thanks, and thanks for shopping local!

July News + GA Vets Tri

Greetings, Winged Warriors!

Please welcome our newest member, Tracy Davis!!!

A huge congrats to all of our members who’ve been out there training and racing in this crazy-intense heat this past month. I can’t keep up, but here are a few I can recall…

RCTC had an impressive showing at Encounter 5K, including performances by Conley Wilhelm, Duane Joiner, Jeff Drawdy, John Wheeler, Lance Parker, Chad Johnson, John Bennett, Joy Knop, Beverly Hamilton, Al Whatley, plus (1-mile fun runners) Blease, Callaway + Charlee Conklin and whoever else I missed. What an outstanding showing!!!


We also had a sizable team showing at Freedom Springs Triathlon, including:
Jen Bendewish, Lori Richardson, Tiffany Nunnally, Paul Pickles, Melissa Thompson, Marty Hufstetler, Katina, Christian and Jesse Stewart. Anyone else?

A handful of RCTC’ers raced the DRCSports Jax #2, including Duane Joiner, John Wheeler, Angie Bruhl and Lance Parker. Congrats, all!

Congrats to Jesse Stewart, Kenna Ponder, and Blease, Callaway and Charlee Conklin on their raceday performances at the Tally Youth Tri Series Splash & Dash! It was Charlee’s first multisport race, and we’re proud of her for conquering her fear and making it a great day!

Leisa and Ed Eastman conquered IRONMAN CANADA! Anyone who competes where there’s been snow the prior day is absolutely amazing!!!


Meanwhile, Beverly Hamilton and Chad Johnson continued collecting running hardware from the Gulfwinds trail series, Susan Bennett dodged sharks at Shell Point, and Lori Richardson encountered dolphins in PCB… Coach Jill Tacbacchi made Kids Tri Camp a success and was joined by mini-members Mallory Bennett, Lola Parker and Jay Harrison. Everyone has been very busy! If I forgot your event, please message me or post below.

Upcoming Event: August 8
Cordele / Georgia Veterans Triathlon
Please post if you’re racing. If my notes are correct, I think we have about 28 members racing… I have the following on my list, but please let me know of any corrections. And please plan to take a group shot post-race!
Jeff Drawdy
JT + Lacey Harrison
Team Wilhelm
Team Eastman
Team Garcia
Team Stewart
Team Moss + Rick
Melissa Thompson
Angie Bruhl
Team Bennett
Billy Webb
Marty Hufstetler
Joy Knop
Jen Bendewish
Parrish David
Paul Pickles
Stephen Sullivan
Jason Jacobs

Big thanks to Georgia Multisports for giving our club a terrific entry fee discount again this season!

Upcoming Event: August 8
Cordele: Post-Race Stuff-yer-face.
11:30 am. All members + immediate family welcome.
If you forgot to RSVP, please bring $10 per family with you, and please give me a heads up that you’ll be attending (immediately!).

Looking forward to seeing all of you there. Don’t forget…if you want an adult beverage, please bring that. And big thanks to Joy, Melody, Susan and JoAnne for helping to plan and organize this event!

Upcoming Event: August 8
Jacksonville / DRCSports Jax Sprint/Olympic #3
Good luck to Alison Conklin and Lance Parker this weekend!
Shout out to to DRCSports for giving our club entry fee discounts again this season!

Have a race coming up? Let us know. Post below or post to Facebook!

RCTC is looking for a member to step up and take over the monthly blog posts detailing race/clinic recaps and upcoming events.

Our outstanding club has grown by leaps and bounds these past 3 seasons, and we’re so proud of you all. But I can no longer cover so many bases.

Please volunteer if you’d like to continue to see updates on the website. Thank you!!!


June News!

Quick updates for you all…

Congrats to Paul Pickles on the completion of his first triathlon (plus earning some hardware) with DRCSports on June 13! Jeff Drawdy also snagged some hardware (again)! Shout out to Katina + Christian Stewart for completing their 1-mile swim in Columbus on the same day!

Congrats to Lance + Alison Parker + Angie Bruhl for the completion of the Jax/DRCSports triathlon. Anyone else join them?

Congrats to Beverly Hamilton + Chad Johnson on the acquisition of new matching 1st Place AG hardware from last weekend’s 5K. Jim + Peggy Simpson also raced but are being evasive about their results. But I heard they won watermelons, so they must have been fast.

Congrats to Melissa Thompson, Lance Parker, Chris Stroh, Leisa Eastman + Marty Hufstetler for jumping in at the Ride for Hope.

And if you missed it, Clayton and Renee Moss completed their first 5K swim at the Flowers Sea Swim in Grand Cayman on June 15.

Did I miss you? Please post, and keep the updates coming!!!

Please welcome new members Jason and Rhett Jacobs of Thomasville! Rhett is our newest youth member (age 8!)

Upcoming Event: June 27
Encounter 3:16 Run (5K + 1-mile fun run).
Thomasville. Register at
Registration starts at 6:30 am.

Upcoming Event: July 20-24
Kids Triathlon Camp / Butler Mason YMCA.8 am -12 pm. Sign up at the Y!

Upcoming Event: August 8
Cordele / Georgia Veterans Triathlon, Post-Race Stuff-yer-face.11:30 am. All members + immediate family welcome.
Stay tuned for details. Please save the date!

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May News

Good afternoon, Winged Warriors!

Before month end, we need to sneak in a quick update…especially for those that don’t follow us on Facebook!

We kicked off the month with a Mother’s Day weekend LADIES-ONLY relay in Panama City Beach at Gulf Coast Triathlon 70.3, starring Renee Moss (swim), Susan Bennett (bike), and Melody Gunter (run). The ladies brought home a 2nd place relay award. Member Angie Bruhl also competed and scored a 3rd place award. And congrats to support partner, Jon Manry of Capital City Runners for capturing a 2nd place relay award as well!

John Thompson, Marty Hufstetler and Morgan Garcia had a terrific day at Ironman Chattanooga 70.3, and teammate Jim Simpson had a rough day nutritionally, dropping out during the run after posting a speedy bike time!

Jennifer Bendewish became the IRONMAN we always knew she was, in Texas, that very same weekend. Congrats, Jen!

The boys headed down to Crystal River for another great DRCSports Sprint, where Jeff Drawdy snagged some 3rd place Clydesdale bling, and John Wheeler and Clayton Moss snagged 5th place AG awards. Duane Joiner also posted a fast and impressive day on the course. Renee DNS due to Montezuma’s Revenge. Or something like it. Meanwhile, Drawdy ran around shirtless and pumping his fists so much, we all thought he was Chad Johnson.

After killing it as Lead Cheerleader in Crystal River, Lance Parker went on to place 5th overall at the Crisp County Kiwanis Club Memorial Day 8k. Great job, Lance!

A pack of Winged Warriors went down to Beach Blast in late April and collected their share of hardware, as well. Bill, Kristi and Conley Wilhelm all captured first place AG awards, and Chris Stroh and Melissa Thompson snagged some bling as well!

In other news, Jay Harrison is training like a beast for his first race of this season this coming Sunday at the Tally Youth Tri Series event. If I did as many bricks as this kid does, I’d sleep for days. I think he’s just trying to keep up with his mom, Lacey Harrison, who recently brought home her own 1st place AG award from the Jekyll Island Turtle Crawl sprint.

If you blinked, you might have missed the Bulldog Dash 5K, where RCTC had an impressive showing, and Chad Johnson and Beverly Hamilton took home more awards for their almost-collapsing award shelves, which are, quite frankly, bogged down from their Gnat Days awards… Especially Beverly’s overall female trophy, which was almost as big as her body.

Just for the record, Charlee Ann Conklin was also at the Bulldog Dash, scoring a much-deserved medal.

If we missed anyone else (and I’m sure we did), please post below. We’re so proud to have so many incredible athletes competing out there, and we can hardly keep up. Please continue to text/email race results to Renee or post them directly to our FB page so we can continue to cheer you on!

If you missed it, RCTC’s Joy Knop bought DASH in Thomasville and is now offering a 10% discount to anyone showing a valid Member ID.

Speaking of members, we’re proud to announce the addition of 3 new members! They are: Robin Cartright, Allison Cohenour and Karen Sasine! Welcome, ladies!!!

Here’s a random gallery of collective awesomeness. Enjoy!!!

April News

Greetings, everyone!

We’ve been super busy, and I know you have too. So here’s an update, finally!

If you haven’t picked up your tech tee, Member ID and temporary tats, please plan to drop by!
Please welcome new member Al Whatley!

Shout out to these recent racers:
Morgan Garcia (IMFL 70.3)
Michael Strickland (IMNOLA 70.3)
JT Harrison (Hits Endurance 70.3)
Billy Webb (Early Bird Super Sprint at UGA)
Chris Stroh (PTS Solutions Carterville Duathlon)
Lance Parker + Jeff Drawdy (Monticello Bike Fest Metric Century)
Stacey Herrin + Tiffany Nunnally (Monticello Bike Fest Century)
Jen Bendewish, Tiffany Nunnally, Team Eastman and anyone else who raced Red Hills!

…and a bunch of folks who represented at the Tally Springtime races, including:
Lance Parker
Marty Hufstetler
Chad Johnson
Leisa, Max + Wade Eastman
Melissa Thompson + Kenna Ponder
Tiffany Nunnally
Nancy Moody
Joy Knop
Katina, Jesse + Christian Stewart
Molly Richardson + Tessa Winbigler
If I missed you, please post!

Congrats to the following DRCSports FREE RACE ENTRY Raffle Winners!
Clayton Moss (Crystal River Sprint #1)
Paul Pickles (Crystal River Sprint #2)
John Thompson (Crystal River Sprint #3)
Alison Parker (Jax Sprint/Olympic #1)
John Wheeler (Jax Sprint/Olympic #2)
Alison Conklin (Jax Sprint/Olympic #3)

And THANK YOU to DRCSports for contributing those events to our giveaways.

And much gratitude to Charlie Johnson of TriAttic for coming to Cordele to coach last weekend’s Open Water Swim Clinic at Lake Blackshear.

Check out our gallery, and please keep us posted on your events! We have a lot of folks competing this weekend, so please send us your results and photos. And have fun, everyone!


March News

If you missed last week’s Scott Rigsby event (or his follow up appearances at VFC), you seriously missed out. What an inspirational, down-to-earth person with a fascinating story to share! We thank Scott for spending time with us, and we thank the Nunnallys for giving us a venue for our event. To learn more about Scott or to donate, please visit and Thanks to Susan for helping at the book signing table, and thanks to everyone for coming out!

If you haven’t picked up your tech tee or gear yet, please let me know when you can stop by. We also have temporary tattoos for raceday in your packets!

We also have just 5 hats and 5 visors left, so if you’d like one, please hurry. Such a limited supply will go quickly!

Please welcome new members Tony Voyles and Paul Pickles, and please welcome back Parrish David, one of our season one members.

Congrats to Leisa Eastman on a spectacular day at the Asheville Marathon 26.2 on the grounds of the Biltmore Estate!

Don’t forget we have an open water clinic coming up this weekend in Tally (with Lifesport) and a triathlon clinic coming up April 18th at Lake Blackshear! Please keep an eye on our calendar and FB page for details.

Enjoy this amazing weather, everyone!!!

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Tomorrow Night: Scott Rigsby!

1. Check out this video!

2. Get pumped.

3. Be there tomorrow night (3/12) to be inspired by this amazing gentleman. Bring your family!

Victory Fellowship Church, Thomasville
6 pm sharp

Mr. Rigsby will be available for book signings and autographs after the event tomorrow night.

Books are $20, and you can pay by cash, check or charge. Checks should be made payable to Scott Rigsby Holdings.

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