Hi Team RCTC!

Thanks to everybody for coming out last night. If you missed our event, you can pick up MemberIDs, car decals and your FREE tech tees at DASH during normal business hours.

HUGE thanks to Chris Stroh for organizing the Clinic!

Congratulations to Lacey Harrison, winner of the FREE BIKE FIT from Higher Ground Bicycles. Thanks to Roger and Higher Ground for coming out last night and for donating the FITTING.

Congrats to Tom Cornish, Bill Wilhelm, Conley Wilhelm, Alison Parker, Kenna Ponder and John Bennett, all winners of running/cycling merch courtesy of DASH. Thanks to Joy Knop and DASH for contributing.

Thanks to our sponsor BACCHUS for providing us with a meeting location. And thanks to all of our sponsors for making these fab new tech tees possible, including Sherri and the crew at SKYLINE Graphics for printing them locally on the rush for us, and for doing so with nothing but smiles, hugs and dedication to quality.

We have two more clinics coming up soon, and our 2XU gear could be here by next week. So stay with us for more details!

RUNNING, hosted by Chad Johnson
February 20
10:30 am at Tville High Track

SWIMMING, hosted by JT Harrison
March 12
1-3 pm at EM YMCA, downtown

Thanks, all!


2016 Gear

Our 2XU custom teamwear is expected to deliver on or about February 10-12. Once it delivers, it will be available for pick-up at Dash during store business hours.

Hats and Visors are in production from Headsweats. If you forgot to preorder, you will also be able to buy these at Dash. They’re black with reflective piping and embroidered logo. Very nice!

Auto decals are in and will be available with your Member IDs at the February 2 Clinic.

Tech tees are on order. Thanks to all of you for helping get those sizes in!

Save These Dates for awesome upcoming clinics, please!

CYCLING, hosted by Chris Stroh
February 2
6:30 pm at Bacchus

RUNNING, hosted by Chad Johnson
February 20
10:30 am at Tville High Track

SWIMMING, hosted by JT Harrison
March 12
1-3 pm at EM YMCA, downtown

Stay toasty!

SAVE THE DATE: Cycling Clinic!

Tuesday, February 2
6:30 pm
Bacchus, Thomasville

Thanks to Cycling Leader Chris Stroh for planning this event!

Come hone your handling skills! Learn about:
Bike Position/Improving Efficiency

Grab your own adult beverage if you wish…
And enter the raffle for a FREE HIGHER GROUND Bike Fit!

Pick up for 2016 Member ID and Auto Decals!
Please RSVP by January 25 so we have a head count.

Thanks, all!

Happy New Year!

2016 MEMBER DUES will not increase!
Deadline to pay (if you want a free tech tee) = Tues, January 19.
Individual Adult Membership = $30
Each Additional Adult per Household = $25
Under 18 = $15
Please make checks payable to “Reneé Moss for Rose City Tri Club” and submit a completed member application. You can download it from the ABOUT page of our website. Drop your dues at DASH or mail to Renee.
Thanks, and Happy New Year!

Tis the Season…

…for Red Noses. So congrats to all our RCTC’ers that participated in the Red Nose Run last weekend.

Melissa Thompson – 1st overall female, 6th overall
Grady Smith – 2nd place overall / 1st place AG
Chad Johnson – 5th overall, 1st AG
Al Whatley – 7th overall
Chris Stroh – 9th overall
Stephen Cheney – 15th overall / 2nd place AG
Beverly Johnson – 2nd place AG / 16th overall
John Wheeler – 19th overall
Paul Pickles – 27th overall
Jessica Cheney – 10th place female

Congrats also to Susan, John, Mallory and Andrew Bennett, Joy Knop, Lacey Harrison and Leisa Eastman on a great run! In true RCTC spirit, Leisa met a friendly out-of-towner and paced him in to a PR while wearing antlers.

Also, in true RCTC spirit, Chad wants me to be sure and tell you that he beat Melissa. And Melissa wants me to tell you that she snagged an overall title and Chad didn’t. I’m just reporting the news here. I didn’t make this up.

If I missed you on my list or overlooked an age group award, please let me know. And feel free to post here.

Congrats, everyone!

Also, please welcome new members Kim Anderson and his wife Debbie to RCTC!!!

If you still need to submit your 2XU gear orders, please do so by Wednesday of this week. Thanks, all!

Thank you + Updates

Thanks to all of our Winged Warriors who came out last night to Paulie’s Pizza for our annual end-of-season SHINDIG. We loved seeing everyone!

If you weren’t able to join us, you were definitely missed. We are grateful to have received so many prize contributions from Higher Ground Bikes, Malory Parker Construction, Capital City Runners and from the RCTC coffers (2015 sponsors), I’m fairly certain that every single member who came out last night took home a prize. And Paul Pickles won the FREE Ironman 140.6 entry, so big congrats to him!

Huge congrats to these award winners, who were recognized with a certificate and DASH Dollars to spend at DASH in Thomasville. (Thanks, Joy!)

MVP – Female: Angie Bruhl
MVP – Male: Colin Prinsloo
Stand-out Family: Team Eastman
The One to Watch / Most Improved: Duane Joiner
Spirit Award: Chad + Beverly Johnson
Volunteer Contributions: Lance + Alison Parker
Inspiration Award: Jim Simpson

And thanks to all the awesome Winged Kids who helped draw names for the raffle!

If you haven’t yet submitted your 2XU gear order form and payment, please do so by December 11. You can drop them at Dash in the RCTC mailbox or mail/drop them at 109 Imperial. There will be time to specify tech tee sizes and order hats/visors in January.

NEWS: I overlooked Paul Pickles in my last recap, and I apologize for that. Paul recently ran a Half Marathon in Las Vegas!

Also, we gained two new members last night: Brianna Prinsloo + Daniel Arlotto. Welcome!!!

Coming up in 2016… In an effort to give our members a more well-rounded experience in 2016, we’ve asked several very accomplished members to take on larger leadership roles within the club. And we’re so grateful they accepted!!!

Beginning in January, Chad + Beverly Johnson will take charge of running-related trainings and clinics.

Chris Stroh will take charge of cycling-related clinics.

Angie Bruhl + JT Harrison will take charge of swim clinics.

We are incredibly excited to have their insight, ideas and support! It’s going to be a terrific 2016! If you have requests or ideas to share, please message us!

Now check out the gallery!


Well that was a blur.

I just realized my last race recap was October 15, and that’s a sign of the season. So busy! Here’s what’s been going on in the last six weeks… If I missed your event, please post! We try to keep up with everyone, but with 94 active members, its a big job!

A HUGE CONGRATS to Angie Bruhl on her 3rd place finish at IRONMAN COZUMEL! So exciting!!!

Shout out to all the turkeys who trotted about on Thanksgiving Day—either in a race/run or just out for fun—including newlyweds Chad and Beverly Johnson, Deann Garcia + Robin Cartright (in orange tutus!), Jen Bendewish and her Minions, Leisa Eastman, Jo Curry, Tom Cornish, Team Prinsloo, Team Bennett, Katina Stewart, JT Harrison, Joy Knop and we Mosses, who ran in babycare shifts. I’m sure there were wayyyy more of you because there were turkeys ALL OVER the place on the holiday…

Todd Hanscom, Melissa Thompson, and Leisa, Max and Wade Eastman participated in the Brewtally Mountain Bike Duathlon on November 21. Melissa + Todd scored some hardware for finishing as second overall team! Billy Webb did some mountain biking in the North Georgia mountains…

Tom Cornish ran a Half Marathon at the Publix Race13.1 on November 15.

On November 7, we all got a little crazed watching Angie Bruhl compete at Ironman Florida, placing an impressive 4th.

Tiffany Nunnally and Stacey Herrin logged another Century in the books at Spaghetti 100.

On Halloween, John + Jodie Wheeler, Tiffany Nunnally, Team Simpson and JT Harrison slayed the hills of the Boston Mini.

IRONKID and RCTC’er LOLA PARKER raced in her first swim meet on October 24—and scored some new bling!

Leisa Eastman and Jo Curry tore it up at the Hincapie Gran Fondo on October 24, BettyStyle.

On October 18, Joy Knop RAN for the BAY in Appalachicola, while Alison Cohenour completed her first Marathon. And on October 17, Billy Webb conquered the Beach to Battleship Half!

Way to go, everyone!!!! Check the Gallery for your pix!

Congrats, Finishers!

Our athletes have been very busy.

CONGRATULATIONS to the following Winged Warriors who completed Ironman Augusta 70.3 on September 27:

(1st Time Finisher)

(1st Time Finisher)

(1st Time Finisher)

(1st Time Finisher)

(4-Time Finisher)

(4-Time Finisher)

(6-Time Finisher)

And CONGRATULATIONS to the following Winged Warriors who completed Ironman Louisville 140.6 on October 11:

(1st Time Finisher)

(2nd Time Finisher)

(8-Time Finisher)

Shout out to SAM Parker, LOLA Parker and CHARLEE Moss for completing the IRONKIDS race in Kentucky!

Congrats to our coaching partner, TriAttic‘s SANDY Johnson on the completion of her Ironman World Championships event in Kona on October 10. What an amazing milestone! It was Sandy’s 13th Ironman 140.6 finish.

Shout out to TIFFANY Nunnally for her 1st place AG win at the Brookwood Warrior Dash, also on Saturday.

Shout out to JOY Knop and SUSAN Bennett, who competed in the Santa Rosa Island Triathlon!

Congrats to our athletes who competed at Tri The Rez! Tiffany, Stacey and Bill all brought home AG awards!

We’re collecting SPONSORSHIPS for 2016 already, and we’re ecstatic to welcome back so many of our previous sponsors. Stay tuned for an announcement of who’s returning, who’s new and who plans to be our anchor!

If you’re sponsoring RCTC we thank you for your support, which enables us to give away so many FREE races and to treat our teammates to fun giveaways, events and clinics throughout the year. THANK YOU! Sponsorship monies for 2016 can be mailed to The Mosses or delivered to Joy Knop at DASH in Downtown Thomasville.

Athletes, if you have an event coming up, please let us know! We want to cheer you, before during and after your event!!! If I missed you or reported in error, let me know, and I will revise. Now check out the gallery!!!





September News

We have a big race weekend coming up, so please join us in wishing the following athletes a fantastic Ironman Augusta 70.3:

Congrats to the following RCTC’ers who participated at the TCT Swim in Lake Park:
JT Harrison (3.5 mile swim, 3rd overall)
Katina Stewart (1 mile)
Christian Stewart (1 mile)
Lori Richardson (1 mile)
Stacey Herrin (1 mile)
Melissa Thompson (1 mile)
Angie Bruhl (1 mile, with toddler on her back!)
Colin Prinsloo (1 mile)
Alison Cohenour (1 mile)

Shout out to our racers who competed at Beach Blast, including:
Melissa Thompson (2nd place AG, Olympic)
Morgan Garcia (3rd place AG)
Deann Garcia
Marty Hufstetler
Joy Knop (3rd place AG)

Congrats to Billy Webb, who scored a 3rd place AG award at the Hot Dam Olympic Tri.

Big props to some little athletes who raced at the last Tally YTS race:
Charlotte Harrison (3rd place AG, 1st triathlon — just 5 years old!)
Jay Harrison
Callaway Conklin
Blease Conklin

Huge thanks to these guys for representing at the September 11th Climb to Remember:
Lance Parker
Tiffany Nunnally
John Wheeler
Melissa Thompson

Congrats to these athletes for their performances at the Stars + Stripes 6K:
Beverly Hamilton (1st place overall female)
Chad Johnson (2nd place AG, 4th overall)
Tiffany Nunnally  (1st place AG)
John Wheeler (3rd place AG)

And again the following weekend, Bev scored another 1st place overall female award and Chad a 1st place AG at the Quail Trail 5K.

Local Races, Upcoming…
OCTOBER 10 – Brookwood’s 2nd Annual Warrior Run 5K and Fun Run
OCTOBER 17 – Joey Maxwell Memorial 5K Run/Walk

We’re also looking ahead to Ironman Louisville—just weeks away—where Lance Parker will tackle his first Ironman 140.6, and Clayton and Morgan will also compete.

Shout out to Chad + Bev on their recent engagement and to Lori Richardson on her future baby triathlete!

If I overlooked your race, please post below or message me. Check out the gallery!