Getcher Race On (+other stuff)!

Hi Winged Ones! We have a big racing weekend ahead of us, so if you’re not on Facebook, this should bring you up to speed…

We have 5 racers competing at the Chattahoochee Challenge 70.3 in Columbus, Georgia on Saturday. Good luck to:
Jennifer Bendewish
Tiffany Nunnally
Lori Richardson
John Thompson
& Marty Hufstetler!

We have 5 racers competing in Mexico Beach at Beach Blast Sprint & Olympic Triathlons, also Saturday. Let’s hear it for:
Bill, Kristi + Conley Wilhelm
Michael Strickland
& Clayton Moss!

And we have a slew of racers competing in the Rose City Run on Saturday (Melody’s birthday, I might add!). We’ll be cheering for:
John + Susan Bennett
Jeff + Sydnie Drawdy
Chad Johnson
Beverly Hamilton
Micah Elkins
Lance + Lola Parker
Nancy Moody (and her dad!)
Melody Gunter

JT Harrison
Suzanne Martin
Alison Conklin
& Taylor Shiver!

Guys, this is about 30% of our roster! So excited for all of you, and anxious to see photos and results. Please feel free to text ‘em to me, so I can share. And if I’ve overlooked anyone on the above list, please let me know. I’ll be happy to update, so our cheering section is most effective!

And please continue to let me know when you’ll be racing, so we can all support you as the season gets further under way.

We have another race to raffle off this month (yes, April!), and its a DRCSports race in June (JAX OLYMPIC #1). If you’d like to be included in the drawing, the rules are simple:
(1) If you win, you have to do the race or let us draw an alternate ASAP, and
(2) If you’ve already won a free race this season, you cannot be included. Sorry folks, gotta spread the RCTC love.

As of right now, the following RCTC’ers have asked to be included:
John, Melissa + Kenna
Mike Rome

Lance + Alison

If you’re not on this list and want to be included, please email/text me ASAP or post here, so I can add you. We’ll draw before the end of April.

In early May, we’ll be raffling off a FREE entry into Crystal River Sprint #2, also in June. So let us know which race you want to WIN! And hurry!

Quick reminder: If you’re doing any official Ironman events (or even just volunteering at one), please indicate that you’re a member of club #2838 when you register. Thanks!

If you haven’t picked up gear or tech tee, please text Renee and come by!  We’d hate to have you racing sans wings!

Big holla to the following folks who raced recently…
Marty + Melissa conquered Ironman Florida 70.3!
Chad + Bev kicked it at the Palace Saloon, and Chad PR’ed there! Anyone else?
Jeff, Morgan, John, Steve and Lance tackled the Mayhaw Century. Steve crashed into Lance and is now on the injured list. We wish him a speedy recovery!

We have free clinics going on, courtesy of Brady Irwin / Sunshine Cycles + Science of Speed. They include bike maintenance basics and Harden The Brick Up brick workouts. Please check with Brady or check in on Facebook for upcoming dates.

Tuesday morning group rides are back on. Check in with Jeff + Clayton if you plan to attend. If you don’t attend, Jeff + Clayton will just get faster than you. ;)

I think that’s it for now. We’ve been slammed, but we’ll post when we have another group event coming up. In the meantime, happy training! Stay safe and remember to hydrate. Go TEAM!!!!

March Clinic + News


RCTC, please mark your calendars for our next Clinic… Monday, March 24 at 6:30 pm, at the Vereen Rehabilitation Center in Moultrie.

This presents a really unique opportunity to tour the facilities, test out the underwater treadmill or swim against the jets! Towels and showers will be waiting for you.

We’ll be giving away a FREE entry to DRCSports Crystal River Sprint #1 at the Clinic, but you must be serious about racing it to enter, and you must be present to win!

You can also pick up any lingering tech tees that night if you haven’t nabbed yours yet.

Stay tuned for the FB event page to come… Thanks to RCTC’er (and physical therapist) Tony Sheffield for the hook-up and to Jeff Drawdy and Clayton for planning this event!

As always, we ask that if you’re a FB user, please RSVP to the event page there, and if not, just email Renee.

Congrats to Joy Knop, Todd Hanscom and Nancy Hiers for running the Albany Half Marathon yesterday, with Chad Johnson, who PR’ed the Full! Congrats also to Shelly, Mary and Evie Toth for completing the Color Run and to Nancy Moody, who showed the Seaside Half Marathon who’s boss!

And congrats to Taylor Shiver on becoming a new papa!

We hope you all enjoyed the fabulous weekend weather. Happy Training!

February News

Hey RCTC! A few quick updates…

If you haven’t picked up your gear and/or FREE tech tee yet, you can do so again starting next week. Please text Renee a quick heads up. We’re at our new house now, getting settled in.

If your photo is not on the RCTC Team page of this website, we want to get you added! Please send head-and-torso shots, in any piece of RCTC gear (or colors) to Renee, along with your event of choice and city in which you live.


Next month, we’ll be raffling off a FREE race entry to DRCSports Crystal River Sprint #1, which takes place in May. Clayton and I have raced it and LOVED it, so it is definitely worth the drive down to this sunny beach in Florida—whether you’re a novice or expert! The only stipulation is that you must race it if you win it. So please only enter the raffle if you’re serious. :) If you’d like to be entered, please email Renee ASAP.

Thanks, all! Enjoy this amazing weather!!!


Social + Gear Night, this Thursday at Bacchus. Please RSVP to the FB event page (of you’re on FB; otherwise email Renee). Team Alison is making this event special, so please try to join us, if even for a drop-in. We will award a FREE RACE entry that night, too, and you must be present to win. And you cannot have already won (Marty!).

And big thanks to Bacchus and Team Alison for making this happen! That’s Alison Parker and Alison Conklin, btw.

Please bring your signed RCTC_Waiver if you still owe us one. A few folks still owe us dues. Please bring ‘em!

We’ll have member IDs for anyone who hasn’t received their 2014 edition yet. If you miss the meeting and all I owe you a 2014 Member ID, I’ll pop it in the mail. If you have gear to pick up and miss the meeting, please text me. We’re moving 2.8-2.15 to our new Tville place. Any gear not picked up before then has to get ‘moved’, and I would love to minimize that! :)

Masters Swim starts next week, so please get signed up and pay for the session by this Friday. Such a great opportunity!

As you renew your USAT memberships, please indicate that you’re a part of RCTC/Club#2838. You’ll want to do this when registering for races, too…especially Ironman events.

Anyone who has gear or bikes to sell: Please feel free to post a description + photos to the FB page. We’ll share and LIKE to help you get noticed. Same goes for anyone trying to arrange rides, runs or any kind of group workout/training. All RCTC resources are yours to use, so please feel free to post as needed.

Don’t forget, we have a YMCA Brick on Mondays and rides on Saturdays and Sundays. Check the website calendar for details.

Congrats to Jennifer Bendewish and Tiffany Nunnally for completing their 1st and 6th Marathons (respectively) last weekend! And congrats to Tom Cornish for completing his 50-mile IDIDARIDE on January 25th!

Thanks for being a part of RCTC, all. We appreciate each and every one of you, and we’re excited about helping you reach your 2014 season goals! See you Thursday!

Gear Night Social + Updates


Our next event is tentative. Please pencil us in. We’ll confirm as soon as we can…

Location: Bacchus Wine Bar’s private events room
When: Thursday, February 6th at 6 pm
Please RSVP to FB if you can; otherwise an email / text to Renee works fine.

Thanks to Team Alison for organizing this great event, and to Bacchus for graciously opening their private room to us for free. We’re thrilled!

The bar will be open, so feel free to grab a cocktail and join us as we distribute our team kits… and tech tees, too, if they arrive on time. You must be of age to enter the bar, but our under-age members are welcome in the private room RCTC will be using. :) So bring the fam as always!

Clinic Recap:
Thanks to everyone who attended Clinic #1, and thanks to Science of Speed‘s Brady Irwin for some really helpful information! If you missed your chance to pick up a hat or visor, text me when you can drop by.

We welcomed brand new member, Angie Bruhl last night, along with some other new/newish members we haven’t gotten to see much just yet, including Kenna Ponder, Deann Garcia, RJ White, Blease + Callaway Conklin, Tom Cornish, Micah Elkins and Joe Porter! We’re so excited to have all of you, and all of our wonderful returning members, too.

Thanks to Jeff and Clayton for planning the Clinic, and thanks to Bev, Chad and Melody for prepping the gear. Thanks to Damien for the venue and to the Parkers for Charlee-sitting and box-toting. And thanks to Tony Sheffield for offering us a future Clinic location. I appreciate all of you! And much gratitude to our sponsors for the FREE race entry, which was awarded to Marty Hufstetler in last night’s drawing!

Master’s Swim:
Don’t forget to sign up for Master’s Swim by Friday, 2.7. Class starts the following Tuesday night (2.11). Sign up at the EM YMCA front desk, but class is at the Butler Mason pool. I can’t stress enough how valuable this class can be to your swimming, regardless of your level.

Rides + Brick:
Keep an eye on Facebook and this website calendar for updates. Bricks are on Monday night now!

Our 2014 race series calendar is complete and posted here. Check it out!

Tri The Rez Discounts: We’re pleased to have added these to our list and will be sending you a new list of codes! RCTC members get $5 off any Tri The Rez race or $20 off the entire series. These discounts are in addition to the ones we’re offering from Georgia Multisports, DRCSports, and TriBlueSky. We are very lucky indeed! Check your discounts list for the details.

Don’t forget to turn your signed waiver in to Renee via mail, snail mail or drive-by-paper-airplaning. Thanks!

Stay warm out there. Keep those heads/ears + knees covered to prevent injury (and excessive whining)! Happy training. :)

Masters Swim Class is BACK!

Coach Jill will be offering Master’s Swim Class again, starting February 11th. Yahoooooo!!!! This class was amazing last season! (It’s truly the best training-related task I did all year.)

Tuesdays + Thursdays
5:30 (sharp!) pm – 6:30 pm
Butler Mason YMCA pool

Cost is $40 per session, which is about a month in length. Pay at the Everett-Milton YMCA front desk starting next week. If there’s sufficient participation (like in 2013), she’ll continue to offer this class monthly until the summer.

Sign up! Do NOT miss this opportunity to build your swim in a fun, encouraging atmosphere with your teammates! This class is ideal for ALL levels.

January 23 SoS Clinic + News

ScienceofSpeed Logo Ruff

Join us for a Clinic hosted by guest speaker Brady Irwin from Science of Speed (+ Sunshine Cycles)! Topic TBD. Starts at 6 pm.

Location : Northwoods Church of God Social Hall; Thanks to Damien for offering the space to us! Addy is 640 Hall Road—across the street from Cross Creek Elementary.

Please RSVP ASAP so we can determine an approximate head count. If you’re on Facebook, please RSVP to the event page. If you’re not, email Renee, por favor.

Our custom Headsweats Hats + Visors are in, so we will distribute at the clinic. They’re in limited supply, so if you didn’t pre-order (or pre-pay), please do so quickly… They’ll go fast!

If you’re interested in racing Red Hills, please speak up ASAP, so John+Melissa Thompson can try to request a space for you before the race fills up. Pre-registration is January 20th.

2014 Dues should be to Mosses by January 21 if you’d like a FREE tech tee. If you don’t pay by 1.21, you’ll be removed from the roster, so you won’t get the great discounts we’ll be sending out that week.

If you paid your dues but didn’t get a 2014 Member ID, please let us know.

Also, the BRICK workout (previously on Wednesday nights) has moved to Mondays to avoid church-related conflicts. Big thanks to the Y and Jim Simpson for working this out! Start your swim at 6 or 6:30 pm, depending on your preferred distance and move to the spin room at 7 pm for 1/2 to 1 hr. of time trial-based spin. Follow it up with a run if you like. Check our website calendar or contact Jim for further details.

Kits appear to be on schedule for completion before Chinese New Year, which means we **should** have them before March races get under way. More updates as we get ‘em…

Speaking of racing, those that responded to our last inquiry overwhelmingly suggested free race entries for 2014 as as good use of our spare funds. So that is our plan… to help you get to the races as affordably and as often as possible. We have great race discounts lined up too, and we plan to award some race entries… but you’ve got to be present to win… So be sure to attend meetings, socials + clinics. (wink wink!)

If the planets align properly, we Mosses should be moving next month. Never fear… we’re only going a mile away, and our new place will feature a secure mailbox you can (more safely) feel free to ply with money, order forms, and fresh baked cookies. We’ll share the addy via email when moving day starts to look like more than a pipe dream.

Stay toasty out there!

Happy New Year (Almost)!

Hi RCTC! We hope you’re enjoying what’s left of the holiday season and wanted to share a few updates.

If you’re a new member, please send Renee a head-and-torso shot in any RCTC gear or anything red/black/white, so I can add you to the Team page of our website. If you don’t like your photo on the site and want to update, please send me a new photo at any time.

When paying your USAT dues for the season, please be sure to designate that you’re a part of RCTC. We’re listed in the dropdown for clubs under GA, and our club number is 2838. Also, when registering for races, please indicate that you’re a part of Rose City Tri Club.

If you haven’t renewed your membership yet, please be sure to do so by January 21. That’ll guarantee you a free tech tee, which will be ordered promptly on January 21.

Individual Adult Membership = $30
Each Additional Adult per Household = $25
Each Kidster (under 18) = $15

Download the member application here: RCTC_App_2014

If you were a 2013 member (thank you!) and do not renew by January 21, you will be removed from our roster, so we can stop harassing you with email updates and awesome member-only discounts. Once this deadline has passed, we will be sending out our new list of member discounts (via email), so stay tuned.

If you’re a member and also a sponsor offering any incentives to club members, please email me the offer(s) you would like listed on the discount chart for 2014 ASAP.

If you ordered gear, everything appears to be on schedule, and we’re looking to February for delivery.

If you would like a Headsweats hat or visor and have not ordered yet, please let me know immediately. I am ordering them TODAY.

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 9.31.08 AM

As always, if you have any questions, please let me know. And if you’re planning any events, please keep us informed so we can cheer you on. Thanks, all!

SHINDIG in Review…

Thanks again to Team Alison and Paulie’s Pizza for making last night’s event happen. And to all of our 2013 sponsors for funding the effort. It was great to see so many smiling RCTC member faces and families, too! Congratulations to our 2013 Club Series Championship winners:

1st Place Female – Melissa Thompson
2nd Place Female – Renee Moss
3rd Place Female – Kristi Wilhelm

1st Place Male – Marty Hufstetler
2nd Place Male – Clayton Moss
3rd Place Male – John Thompson

And congrats to these 2013 Outstanding Members:

Volunteer of the Year – Lance Parker, Received $100 of goodies from Sunshine Cycles + Science of Speed (thanks to Brady Irwin!)

The Motivator – Jennifer Bendewish, Received a $50 gift certificate to Metta Day Spa (thanks to Gina Curry!)

Male Rookie on the Rise – Taylor Shiver, Received a $50 gift certificate for Herbalife 24 (thanks to Jen Bendewish!)

Female Rookie on the Rise – Beverly Hamilton, Received a $50 gift certificate for Herbalife 24 (thanks to Jen Bendewish!)

Youth Rookie on the Rise – Conley Wilhelm, Received a Thomasville YMCA gym bag + gift pack (thanks to Kim Smith!)

Chad Johnson and Joy Knop scored some Redfin Energy Door Prizes, thanks to John Bennett.

Check out the gallery if you missed the photos on Facebook… And don’t forget that gear orders are due by tomorrow!