Red Nose Run + SAVE!

Planning to participate in the Red Nose Run 5K or Half Marathon on December 13th?

Deduct the 15% club / group discount from your entry, and turn in your forms/payment to Kristi Wilhelm— or put them in the Moss mailbox (which locks!) by November 29th.

Kristi has kindly volunteered to submit our forms in bulk to get us all the volume discount. She’ll swing by Moss-house on November 30th to collect anything deposited there. So THANK YOU, Kristi!!!

Race Sign-up Link is here.

2015 Gear, Unveiled.

If you’ve been on Facebook since last night, presumably you’ve seen the designs for our new 2XU teamwear. If not, please have a look. Pricing and order forms still to come. Designs may change a bit until they are officially finalized in the coming weeks.

I took all of your feedback into consideration for the new designs, so thanks much for taking the time to share! Designs have been refreshed and updated with new sponsor logos, but your 2014 gear will still work. Some changes include:

  • All Shorts now have a black panel at Top/Center of the back (behind RCTC wing emblem), rather than grey.
  • All Tri + Cycle items now have more red and less grey incorporated into the designs to make our athletes more visible on the course. You’ll also notice some new design elements worked in, such as racing stripes, Winged Warrior black-on-black tattoos, and a flame here or there. Ghosted wings have been enlarged.
  • Run Singlets are now Red and the wings have been repositioned.
  • Hats + Visors are now White. Design is unchanged.
  • Arm Warmers are 100% unchanged.
  • Crop Tops merely reflect new logos.
  • A template is not yet available for the Youth Tri Suits. They’re a brand new item, and I’ll design them just as soon I we are able to get the files.
  • Tech tees aren’t yet designed, as we won’t need to order those until January.
  • Knee Warmer template was just received today. If you’re interested in this item, please let me know. We can’t order them unless we sell at least 5 pair.

The items are all exactly the same fit/cut as we ordered last year.

We are ON for our Fitting Session this THURSDAY, 11.13 from 6:45 pm – 8 pm in the Dawson Street YMCA Community Room.

Please read the following detail about what our 2XU Fit Kit will contain and let me know if you have any questions:

  • Elite + Active/Comp Cycle Jerseys (We ordered Active/Comp last year, but we get a blended fit kit so some items enclosed will be Elite + some Active/Comp)
  • Cycling Arm Warmers
  • Long Distance/Active (formerly Comp) TriSinglet/TriShorts
  • Active (formerly Comp) Hipster Shorts
  • Active (formerly Comp) Tri Crop
  • Run Singlets
  • For the Youth Tri Suit:  We will not have samples in our Fit Kit. But still bring the kiddos! Our 2XU rep recommends the small sizing on the TriSuits for reference.  She will include size 3XS, 2XS and Small in both Men & Women in our Fit Kit, and hopefully this will help in sizing. This is what they have been using in the past for Youth sizes and has gone really well.

Thanks, all!

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2XU/RCTC 2015 Gear Fittings + Ironman News


Please stay tuned for details as we plan!

We expect to receive 2XU Fit Kits next week. We’re planning 1-2 Fitting sessions.

Date(s) + Time(s) are TBD.
We are looking at Thursday, November 13 from 6:45 – 8 pm.
Location: Dawston Street YMCA, Thomasville.
(Community Room)

This will be your only chance to try on the gear.

We are ordering the same gear as last year, plus 2 NEW items:
1. A Youth Tri Suit
2. Knee Warmers

Pricing MAY change (from 2014) based on quantities ordered, so please be patient while we sort everything out.

Orders + payments will not be due just yet. Tentative deadline is December 18. In the meantime, you are welcome to turn in orders + payments as you wish.

Gear Designs:
Changes will be minimal, but there will be SOME changes.
Run singlets will be red.
Hats/Visors will be black or white. (THOUGHTS?)
Sponsor logos will change.
A few minor design edits may be made. But overall, 2014 + 2015 gear will WORK together.

We will only order ONE TIME per season. So this is IT for ALL of 2015. The gear is fully customized and dye-sublimated, so the designs are made into the fabric. If you miss the chance to order, you will have to wait another year.

Please post any questions or feel free to call/text/email me as always!

This event is open to non-members who wish to join RCTC. Please feel free to invite others!

Membership dues will not change for 2015. You are welcome to turn in renewal checks anytime. Renewal deadline will be January 21. You can renew after that, but you will not get the coveted FREE tech tee.

Individual Adult Membership = $30
Each Additional Adult per Household = $25
Under 18 = $15

HUGE congrats to our IMFL 140.6 finishers, Jim Simpson (5th place in his Age Group!!!), Tony Sheffield and Joe Porter. What a tough day for these guys!!! They all hung in there under crazy conditions (swim canceled, plus wind and cold front!), and we are so very proud of them all!

Big props also to our recent IM 70.3 participants, as well: Jennifer Bendewish (Austin), and Leisa + Ed Eastman and Mike Rome (Miami). Please keep Ed in your thoughts (he crashed and suffered a broken knee and very broken bike).

2014 End of Season SHINDIG!

It’s that time again!!!


Please mark your calendars for this great event…brought to you by our generous 2014 Sponsors!

Monday, December 8th — 5:45 pm
Paulie’s Brick Oven Pizza,

Join us for food, fun and fellowship…and perhaps prizes and awards (!!! you’ll just have to be there to find out!!!) …as we celebrate the close of our club’s second season! And what an amazing season it has been!!!

Bring your families! Food + drink are on us! Adult bevs are on you. ;)

Please specify number of kids + adults when you RSVP.

Please RSVP by November 25th. If you’re on Facebook, please RSVP to the event page. If you’re not on Facebook, just text / email / post here.


And please stay tuned for details on Fitting Sessions for 2015 gear! We’re working on it!


Quick updates for all of you…

Big congrats to our RCTC’ers who participated in the Jack O’Lantern Jog 5K last weekend. Super impressed that Conley Wilhelm won the event while wearing a dress, and Melissa Thompson was first female while pushing Kayla in a stroller. I mean, seriously, people! Check out the photos if you missed them on Facebook. And somebody please tell me what Conley’s Halloween costume was. Other than a woman.

Extra shout out to Chad Johnson, who placed second overall in the Cast Iron Skillet 5K in Quitman, Georgia earlier that same morning and also ran the Jack O’Lantern Jog later that night. As a cool down, I guess.


Quick reminder… Please complete the 2015 Gear Survey by November 1 if you haven’t already. It will literally take you about a minute. Maybe two.

Many thanks!


Congrats to our members who participated in Tri The Rez last Sunday! Here are the results if you missed them:

Lacey Harrison: 1st place Athena
Alison Conklin: 3rd place Athena
Max Eastman: 1st place AG
Wade Eastman: 4th place AG
Leisa Eastman: 1st place AG
Bill Wilhelm: 4th place AG
Joy Knop: 6th place AG
Brad Hinson: 1st Place Clydesdale

Conley Wilhelm: 2nd place AG

And Congrats to Leisa Eastman on the completion of her USA Cycling Level 3 Coaching Certification!


October News

I’m starting this recap with the scoop on our impressive final weekend of September…

Tiffany Nunnally (a first-timer!), Marty Hufstetler (a 3rd-timer!) and Clayton Moss (a 7-timer!) completed the longest Ironman race in existence, at Ironman Chattanooga… and Lance Parker completed his first Ironman 70.3 race at Augusta. Everyone posted impressive race times, with Clayton posting a 48 minute swim, Marty posting a sub-6 hour bike, Tiffany beating both Marty and Clayton in the Marathon, and Lance meeting all of his goals for his most daunting raceday to date. We’re so proud of these athletes, and so grateful for all the RCTC SUPERFANS who tracked, cheered and helped these guys prepare!

Just a reminder, for anyone participating or volunteering in any official IRONMAN event… Our club can earn points for every member who participates under our name. When you sign up for these events, please indicate that you’re a member of club 2838/Rose City Tri Club. When you arrive on race weekend, please check in at the club tent to confirm that you were added to their list properly. They’ve had some confusion with record keeping, and some of our folks are getting missed.

Since that exciting Ironman weekend, we added new members, Christian (13) + Jesse Stewart (8).

Team Eastman tackled 6-Gap.

John + Susan Bennett and Jim Simpson participated in the Dixie Cream Donut Dash.

Jim Simpson welcomed a grandson.

Bobby Miller, Melody Gunter (1st Place Masters), Chad Johnson (1st Place AG) and Joe Gunter (1st Place Masters) had a great showing at the inaugural Brookwood Warrior Run.

Steve Powell represented at the Hahira Honeybee Festival 5K.

This morning is Tri The Rez, and we have a handful of Winged Warriors on the course, including:
Lacey + JT Harrison
Bill + Conley Wilhelm
Joy Knop
Alison Conklin
Leisa, Max + Wade Eastman

If I’m correct, JT and Conley are both racing the Olympic, and this is Conley’s first Olympic distance tri.

The Jack O’Lantern Jog is coming up quickly…next Saturday the 18th. Please support Thomas County Elementary Schools and come on out!!! To register, click HERE.

On October 20th, our young-and-mighty RCTC’er Rose Webb leaves for Basic Training for the Georgia National Guard / Military Police. Please wish her luck, everyone!

Joe Porter, Tony Sheffield and Jim Simpson have a big race coming up at IRONMAN Florida in November. And Mike Rome has his big show coming up in Miami, so please keep up the great SUPERFAN cheering!

If any beginner-speed RCTC’ers are looking to improve their bike skills, Renee is heading out for super-easy post-partum bike rides on Saturday mornings. If you’ve been intimidated to ride with a more experienced cyclist—or simply too busy to train—now is the chance to hop on while the pace is cruising at a non-threatening 16 mph. Hone your shifting skills, practice drinking and eating while in motion, not falling down when clipped in… and come prepared to change a tube if one should flat. This is a great way to learn and get faster. Let me know if you want to ride!

Looking ahead to 2015 (yes, already!)…

If you’re interested in SPONSORING RCTC for 2015, we’ll be reserving space on our teamwear soon. Money will be due in December. Be on the lookout for the teamwear Advertising Flyer, soon to be released.

If you’d like to ORDER teamwear for 2015, we’ll be placing our order in December, before the holidays again. We’ll also do our best to arrange for you to check out the fit kits again before orders are collected.

If you’re planning to RENEW your RCTC membership, fees will be due in January. If you joined after September 1, 2014, you will not owe new fees for 2015.

We’re looking to early/mid-December for our end-of-season party, too. So please stay tuned!

Stay tuned for exact dates; we’ll share when we get the details ironed out.

If there’s anything you would like to see happen in 2015 that we are not doing now, this is the time to tell us, so we can plan ahead. So please post/email/text.

September News

Hi there, Winged Warriors! I’ve fallen a little behind in my website posts, so please forgive me. It’s easier to keep up on Facebook, but I like to keep my non-Facebookers in the know, too. And life is twice as busy with TWO wee ones and TWO IM races on Clayton’s schedule this year! There are so many racers to congratulate, including:

Angie Bruhl—for her performance at “The Clock is Ticking” distance swim. Which she completed with her toddler on her back. Again!

Joe Porter and Tony Sheffield—for completing their first HALF IRONMAN at the Hutchinson Island Half!

Billy and Rose Webb—Father/Daughter team—for the 2nd place relay finish at Tri the Ridge!

Shane + Stacey Herrin and Kellie Rome—for the Color Run in Tally!

The following folks competed at Beach Blast as one giant super-awesome team:
Melissa Thompson—1st AG / 2nd female overall
Kristi Wilhem—1st Female Masters
Bill Wilhem—4th AG
Lance Parker—5th AG
Morgan Garcia—2nd AG
Leisa Eastman—3rd AG
JT Harrison—1st Clydesdale

John Thompson—4th AG
Susan Bennett—2nd AG
John Bennett—5th AG
Joy Knop—4th AG
Wade Eastman—1st AG
Max Eastman—1st AG

Congrats to Jeff Drawdy and Jenn Bendewish for completing the Albany Nut Roll—a 104-mile ride!

Congrats to these guys for their day at the Stars and Stripes Patriot 6K:
Lori Richardson—1st place AG / 2nd place overall female
Beverly Hamilton—1st place AG / 3rd place overall female
Melody Gunter—2nd place AG
Chad Johnson— 2nd place AG / 4th overall

Congrats to Beverly Hamilton (1st overall female) and Chad Johnson (1st AG / 2nd overall!) for grabbing hardware at Race of the South 5K!

Congrats to Blease + Callaway Conklin, Ben + Kristopher Wilhelm and Jay Harrison for their performance at the last event in the Tally Youth Tri Series! (+ Katina’s Stewart’s boys, too, who might be joining RCTC!)

If I’ve missed anyone, please post or email/text me. We’re so proud of everyone!!!

It’s a really big race weekend coming up…

Good luck to MARTY HUFSTETLER, TIFFANY NUNNALLY and CLAYTON MOSS as these three take on IRONMAN Chattanooga on Sunday.
This is Tiff’s 1st IRONMAN 140.6 (+4) event! Her bib is #1006.
This is Marty’s 3rd IRONMAN 140.6 event. His bib is #686.
And this is Clayton’s 8th IRONMAN 140.6 (he’s finished 6 thus far) event. His bib is #206.
(Except they all get to bike an extra 4 miles in the Chattanooga heat. Oops!)

AND good luck to LANCE PARKER this Sunday as he takes on his FIRST HALF IRONMAN at Augusta! His bib is #2931.

You can track all of our athletes using the IM website and the IronTrac app.

If you’re in Tville and looking for a 5K, the Quail Trail is tomorrow at Pebble Creek. Check-in is at 6:30, and the race starts at 8 am.

And lastly—if you haven’t already—please welcome Jay Harrison and the entire Eastman family to RCTC!

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!!! And (say it with me), STAY HYDRATED!

PS: I have a small batch of red tech tees if anyone needs/wants a spare.


RCTC is all about team spirit. So show your patriotic pride & RCTC team spirit all at once!


Our Winged Warriors would like to participate in Tville’s upcoming September 11 Climb to Remember. But due to our hectic training and racing schedules, 9.11 doesn’t quite work for us as a team.

So… we have arranged an alternate time for RCTC to show our support. Join us Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 5:30 am at TCCHS Stadium. Sign up under RCTC and wear any piece(s) of RCTC gear you like!

Registration cost is a $15 donation. Please see flyer and details below.

And please RSVP to the FB event page if you’re able, so we know who will be participating.

Thanks to Melissa and Lance for working out this alternate time with Kim Smith at the YMCA!


Climb to Remember